El Calafate: How to get there

If you leave Esquel along National Route 40 to the south, you have 180 km. of paved road up to Gobernador Costa, and from there until you take provincial route 20 you will pass by New Lubecka, La Laurita and Los Tamariscos, and immediately after this town you must turn right and take provincial route 22 to Río Mayo, distant 238 km. from Gobernador Costa, without any intermediate place to get supplies, for what it is important to take certain precautions.
There you will take National Route 40 and drive 123 km. on this pebble road to Perito Moreno.
Once in Perito Moreno, you can go on outings or continue to Los Antiguos, distant 62 km. and then continue along National Route 40 for 133 km. to Bajo Caracoles.
The sector ahead is desolated, and there are no services or villages, except for some touristic estancias.
Your references will be: Río Olnie, Las Horquetas, Tamel Aike, La Angostura, Lago Cardiel and Tres Lagos. They are 320 km from Bajo Caracoles minus 165 km from Tres Lagos to Calafate , along National Route 40.

From Río Gallegos, you arrive to El Calafate after 315 km. on a paved route. If you leave from Río Gallegos, you must take National Route 3, Provincial Route 5, National Route 40, and finally Provincial Route 11 to get to the city.

By plane

El Calafate has now an International Airport, situated only 18 km. from this city. It has a surface of 14.700 km2 and a 2.500 meters long by 45 meters wide landing strip . The planes that operate here are Boeing 727 and 737, and similar aircrafts for domestic flights.

Distances from El Calafate to:

Buenos Aires 2727 km
Com. Piedrabuena 287 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 959 km
Esquel1108 km
Gobernador Gregores 335 km
Puerto Madryn1388 km
Puerto Natales 362 km
Punta Arenas 605 km
Porvenir 561 km
Rawson1345 km
Río Gallegos298 Km.
Río Grande 645 km
San Julian 406 km
Santa Cruz 306 km
Trelew1326 km
Ushuaia863 km
Viedma 1785 km

International Passes

Paso Cancha Carrera
This pass is only due in summer from December to March, and permits the access from El Calafate after 286 km. along National Route 40. After Customs, you arrive at the area of Cerro Castillo, and if you turn to the south, you get to Puerto Natales in Chile.

Paso de los Baguales or Paso Oriental
Dust road, hiking or horseback riding

At 1287 meters above sea level, this pass is only accessible on foot or on horseback during the summer..

Air Transportation

Aerolíneas Argentinas

9 de Julio 57 - L. 1

+54 2902-492815


Julio A. Roca 1004 L. 4

+54 2902-491262

LAN Argentina

Aeropuerto Local

+54 810-9999526

Land Transportation


Terminal de Ómnibus L. 4

+54 2902-491842


25 de Mayo 51

+54 2902-491655

Bus Sur

Terminal de Ómnibus - Local 9

+54 2902-491631

Chaltén Travel Turismo

Terminal de Ómnibus

+54 2902-491833


Terminal de Ómnibus - L. 6

+54 2902-491444

Freddy Representaciones

Av. Libertador 1345 P. 1 Of. 13

+54 2902-492671

Interlagos Turismo

Terminal de Ómnibus - L. 5

+54 2902-491179

Los Glaciares

Terminal de Ómnibus - L. 1

+54 2902-491158


Terminal de Ómnibus - L. 3

+54 2902-491843

Turismo Zaahj

Terminal de Ómnibus - L. 7

+54 2902-491631


Cruz del Sur

Campaña del Desierto 920

+54 2902-491294