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Patagonian estancias
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Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego - Argentina
Ruta comp.21(ex A) km5 - 80 km a Rio Gde.
Telephone:  (02964) 42-7245  Cell Phone: (02964) 15-564731    

Description: With 10,000 hectares of forests and plains of natural pastures, crossed by thawing waters creeks and rivers, the estancia stands out for its cattle-raising and agricultural-tourist activities. The residence, a typical Tierra del Fuego building from the 1920s, gives shelter to those who wish to rest and experience life in the country. At Tepi, the multiple rural activities are complemented by folkloric peñas, arreos and jineteadas, as well as by an authentic southern gastronomy.
Capacity: 5 rooms
Activities & Facilities:  Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Winery Bird watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English French Portuguese 
Punta Arenas - Chile
Patagonia Activa
Oficinas en Lautaro Navarro 1013
Telephone:  224-5494    

Description: A group of ten estancia owners from Tierra del Fuego have created this undertaking with the aim of promoting the natural treasures of the island. Guests stay at first-class facilities located in magnificent nooks that enable them to see everything from Gente Grande Bay, in the North, to Vicuña, in the South, and to admire the lenga forests, the mountain ranges and lakes such as the Blanco, the Deseado and the Despreciado. These estancias proposed by Patagonia Activa have a cozy atmosphere, ideal for families. They provide customized assistance and excellent service. Likewise, various tours are organized to watch the rich ornithological environment, to practice sport fishing in the quiet rivers and to visit several historical and cultural sites.
Activities & Facilities:  Hikes Fishing Bird watching Water sports Photographic safari 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 
Seno Otway, a 78km de Punta Arenas - Chile
Olga Teresa
Luis Lagos Ortiz N° 01366
Telephone:  (061) 223-3175  Fax: (061) 223-3175    

Description: This ancient estancia dates back from the year 1920 and has been in the hands of the Roca family and their heirs ever since. Located in the quiet community of Río Verde, it offers visitors the opportunity to see a real estancia from the Chilean Patagonia, with its main activities and its people. After a warm welcome by the owners, visitors get deep into the history of the place as they tour around the facilities and take part in the activities of the estancia. The main attractions of the venue include the old style shearing show, which reveals the arduous and hard labor done by the first colonists in the area.
Activities & Facilities:  Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Bird watching Parking Flora and fauna watching Rock climbing Photographic safari 
Languages Spoken: Spanish
Cabo Vírgenes - Santa Cruz
Monte Dinero
Ruta Prov. 1 Km. 100 Cabo Virgenes
Telephone:  (02966) 42-8922    

Description: Located in the last confines of the American continent, estancia Monte Dinero opens its gates to offer an excellent proposal to enjoy agricultural tourism. Sheep husbandry is the main production at this venue, which occupies 26 thousand hectares. For over a century, five generations of the Fenton Family has run the estancia, which offers visitors the possibility of witnessing rural tasks such as sheep shearing, branding, wool classification, driving herds and artificial insemination. All this has caused the venue to be considered as a model by local government entities. Guests stay at “La Casa Grande”, a warm and cozy construction dating back from one century ago which combines period furniture and elements of modern comfort, as well as a perceptive customized assistance. In the surroundings of the shell, guests may visit the penguin colony and Cabo Vírgenes Lighthouse, go for a walk to the place known as “Monte Dinero” (Money hill) –its name derives from the gold that could be found on its shores– or enjoy pleasant moments at the coffee-shop called "Al fin y al cabo". There are few places in the world that may become a refuge for the soul; Monte Dinero is one of them.
Capacity: 6 rooms
Activities & Facilities:  Rural activities Hikes Museum Bird watching Photographic safari 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 
El Chaltén - Santa Cruz
La Quinta
A 2 Km. de el Chaltén por Ruta 23
Tel/Fax: (02962) 49-3012  

Description: At the foot of Mounts Fitz Roy and Torre, this remodeled estancia preserves its profile of ancient shell with all modern amenities to welcome guests. The impressive scenery of Los Glaciares National Park surrounds La Quinta's venue. Its hosts, the Halvorsens, are pioneers with a-hundred-year-old family tradition in the area. They welcome guests from October to late April. The large house decorated with works made by plastic artists and craftsmen, as well as ancient objects, has comfortable rooms with special amenities for the disabled, fascinating views, bar with fireplace and reading-room with interesting titles. The dining-room is the place chosen to taste the delicious Patagonian dishes prepared by La Quinta's chef with ingredients produced in the venue and accompanied by a neat selection of wines. Furthermore, as part of its special assistance, La Quinta offers a shuttle service from El Chaltén to the estancia free of charge and guides authorized by the park during the tours.
Activities & Facilities:  Hikes Fishing Bird watching Parking Flora and fauna watching Body treatments Photographic safari 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 

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