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Patagonian Estancias
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Patagonian estancias
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Southern Corridor References
Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego - Argentina
Cabo San Pablo
Ruta Comp. 21 (ex A)Km 39 - 132 km a Rio Gde.
Cell Phone: 15-610630    

Description: A little more than 120km from Río Grande, the peace of the Southern air surrounds those who arrive in the the historical shell of this estancia. Founded in the early XX century by the pioneer called José Montés, it maintains its cattle-raising and agricultural production activities. One can get away into the summer fields of El Boquerón and behold Lake Fagnano, ideal for sport fishing. Or else, get to the forests near the Tierra del Fuego National Park and watch the birds, the guanacos and foxes that dwell the area.
Capacity: 2 rooms. A guest house for 6 visitors
Activities & Facilities:  Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Winery Bird watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English French 
Potrería Laguna Amarga - Parque Nacional Torres del Paine
Cerro Guido
Comuna Torres del Paine
Cell Phone: 6588-1314    

Description: Lying only 104 kilometers to the North of Puerto Natales and 40 kilometers from the main entrance to the National Park, estancia Cerro Guido awaits all visitors to show them the sceneries and the lifestyle of Chilean Patagonia. This boutique hotel-estancia lies within a 100,000-hectare venue devoted to sheep cattle-raising facing the National Park and featuring beautiful sights of the Paine Massif and the mythical Baguales Mountain Range. Guests stay in an English colonial style shell dating from the early XXth century. In addition to the comfortable and exclusive facilities, they may also enjoy various tourist and cattle-raising activities, such as hiking and lake tours within the boundaries of the National Park, horseback rides and rural tasks typical of the area.
Capacity: amenities for 20 guests.
Activities & Facilities:  Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Bird watching Flora and fauna watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 
El Calafate, Santa Cruz - Argentina
Hostería Alta Vista
Ruta Complementaria 15 - Km. 33
Telephone:  (02902) 49-1247 (011)4343-6979    

Description: Inside the 74,000 hectares of “La Anita”, the largest estancia in the region, Alta Vista summarizes the fascination of the Patagonian landscape. Steppe, plateau and forests give shape to the setting of this exclusive inn that offers guests style and cozyness in all its rooms, high Patagonian cuisine and multiple activities.
Capacity: 7 rooms
Activities & Facilities:  Horse rides Hikes Fishing Winery Bird watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 
El Calafate, Santa Cruz - Argentina
La Estela
Ruta 40 y Paso del Río La Leona
Telephone:  (011) 5032-3415    

Description: The access gate to estancia La Estela stands 110 km away from the City of El Calafate, on National Route 40. Nestled on the vertex of the source of La Leona River and spectacular Lake Viedma, the main shell of this agricultural venue rises amidst one of the most majestic sceneries in Southern Argentinian Patagonia. Inside the estancia, visitors may stay at the Guests House, which has 2 fully-equipped bedrooms with private bathroom, or at the Grand House, a spectacular independent housing unit ideal for families or groups of up to 6 people. In both cases, the context is the same: the matchless view of the lake and the Viedma Glacier, the La Leona River and the Andes Mountain Range with its famous Mounts Torre and Fitz Roy. Very close to the estancia, the famous mythical rest area and countryside hotel called La Leona (a historical site built in 1895), welcomes visitors from all over the world and delights the guests at estancia La Estela with excellent regional and international cuisine.
Capacity: 2 rooms and Grand House for 6 people
Activities & Facilities:  Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Bird watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 
El Chaltén - Santa Cruz
La Quinta
A 2 Km. de el Chaltén por Ruta 23
Tel/Fax: (02962) 49-3012  

Description: At the foot of Mounts Fitz Roy and Torre, this remodeled estancia preserves its profile of ancient shell with all modern amenities to welcome guests. The impressive scenery of Los Glaciares National Park surrounds La Quinta's venue. Its hosts, the Halvorsens, are pioneers with a-hundred-year-old family tradition in the area. They welcome guests from October to late April. The large house decorated with works made by plastic artists and craftsmen, as well as ancient objects, has comfortable rooms with special amenities for the disabled, fascinating views, bar with fireplace and reading-room with interesting titles. The dining-room is the place chosen to taste the delicious Patagonian dishes prepared by La Quinta's chef with ingredients produced in the venue and accompanied by a neat selection of wines. Furthermore, as part of its special assistance, La Quinta offers a shuttle service from El Chaltén to the estancia free of charge and guides authorized by the park during the tours.
Activities & Facilities:  Hikes Fishing Bird watching Parking Flora and fauna watching Body treatments Photographic safari 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 

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