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Patagonian Estancias
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Patagonian estancias
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General Acha, La Pampa - Argentina
A puro campo
R. N. 152 - Km. 40 - Gral. Acha a 118 Km. Sta. Rosa
Telephone:  (02952)43-2426    

Description: The soft undulations, the calden forest and the large dunes with pastures give shape to the estancia area. The pampas scenery stands out in the bright greenness of the lawn, the gardens and the orchard. The rustic country shell offers all the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay. And its outskirts are an invitation to enjoy both rural tasks and diving in the swimming-pool. As a part of its customized assistance, the people from A puro campo welcome their guests at the airport or at the bus terminal.
Capacity: 9 rooms and 1 apartment
Activities & Facilities:  Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Winery Carriage rides Bird watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English Italian Portuguese 
Santa Rosa, La Pampa - Argentina
El Ñandú
Telephone:  (02954) 42-7014  Cell Phone: (02954) 15-592103    
Description: Nestled in a scenery of forests, mounts and lagoons, this estancia devoted to cattle and goat-raising, helps visitors get familiar with rural life in the pampas. El ñandú is a proposal to see the neighboring natural reserves, to go on horseback excursions and photographic safaris and to practice big and small game, among other activities. In addition to offering lodge inside the shell, it also has a camping site area. The full-board program invites guests with typical wild countryside dishes
Capacity: 4 rooms
Activities & Facilities:  Horse rides Hikes Small game hunting Big game hunting Bird watching Water sports Photographic safari 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English German 
Santa Rosa, La Pampa - Argentina
La Holanda
A 112 Km. de Santa Rosa
Telephone:  (02954) 45-5836 (02338) 49-6038    

Description: In the core of the pampas, very close to the district of Carro Quemado, La Holanda lodges in its shell the atelier museum of the Spanish painter Antonio Ortíz Echagüe. A large part of his work is kept in the estancia as a result of the work done by his wife, who kept his atelier intact. At present, the artist's family welcomes all those visitors interested in learning about his work and staying in what used to be his house for a couple of days. With dedicated assistance, La Holanda combines cultural wealth and wild charm.
Capacity: 4 rooms
Activities & Facilities:  Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Carriage rides Museum Bird watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English 
Santa Rosa, La Pampa - Argentina
La Mercedes
A 40 Km. de Santa Rosa
Telephone:  (02954) 45-4375  Cell Phone: (02954) 15-476543    

Description: Surrounded by pampa caldenes, a unique ecological environment with natural pastures and open lawns, La Mercedes has priviledged features for cattle-raising. There is nowhere better to experience rural tasks such as horse taming and the yerra, thus sharing labor with country people. This is the right spot to get familiar with Creole skills and horses. Free basic riding courses are available for guests.
Capacity: 4 rooms
Activities & Facilities:  Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English French 
Piedra del Águila, Neuquén - Argentina
Santa Teresa
Telephone:  (02942) 49-3125    
Description: Traditional Patagonian estancia with 75,000 hectares for raising cattle, sheep and horses. Its Mediterranean sytle shell was built in 1975 and is surrounded by a leafy park, crossed by creeks and lagoons ideal for fishing. In Santa Teresa, both children and grown-ups with or without experience may cross its extense fields on horseback and watch the local fauna, as well as witness rural tasks.
Capacity: 16 rooms
Activities & Facilities:  Swimming pool Horse rides Rural activities Hikes Fishing Tennis court Bird watching 
Languages Spoken: Spanish English French 

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