Puerto Guadal

Puerto Guadal Puerto Guadal

Puerto Guadal is located on the southwest shore of Lake Carrera and it is connected with the small District of Coyhaique. At this point, the highway known as Carretera Austral boasts its maximum samples of beauty, more precisely throughout the three hundred kilometers that separate both Chilean villages. Many international tourists consider this road "one of the most beautiful in the world". In consequence, both cities have been chosen by travelers from all over the planet in the last few years.

Puerto Guadal is the number one option as far as lodging is concerned.
Hostels, lodges and luxurious accommodation options have developed recently as well as a wide array of travel agencies that offer all kinds of outings and recreation packages that tempt visitors to stay longer at this delightful spot.

In addition to lake tours, land trips and other recreational alternatives succeed in summoning different generations at this small town that is becoming famous worldwide. Its coquettish streets, cozy lodging venues and especially the idiosyncrasy of its people make this destination irresistible.

Visitors from Argentina may reach Puerto Guadal through the international pass joining Los Antiguos and Chile Chico.

Paradise has a new name. For many people, it has come to be called Puerto Guadal.

Map of Puerto Guadal

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