Punta Arenas: How to get there

If you travel along the Atlantic coast from Río Gallegos, you must take the last sector of national route 3 until Paso Integración Austral and after Paso de la Frontera you must take route 255 until the junction with route 9 that goes to Punta Arenas, distant some 210 km. from the frontier.

From Río Turbio in Argentina you can cross the frontier through Paso Casas Viejas, next to Puerto Natales, and there take route 9 to Punta Arenas, distant 210 km.

By plane:

The access to the region by plane is daily carried out by LanChile, Ladeco and Avant Airlines. The flight takes 3 hours and a half.

Distances from Punta Arenas to:

Ancud 2427 km
Bariloche 1930 Km
Castro 2461 km
Coihaique 1580 km
Cte. Piedra Buena 684 km
El Calafate 605 km
El Chalten 745 km
Gobernador Gregores 876 km
Osorno 2177 km
Porvenir 316 km
Puerto Montt 2286 km
Puerto Natales 246 km
Puerto Santa Cruz 530 km
Punta Delgada (crossing to Argentina) 162 km
Rio Gallegos 264 km
Rio Grande 417 km
Rio Turbio 276 km
San Julian 618 km
San Martin de los Andes 2206 km
Santiago de Chile 3090 km
Temuco 2413 km
Tolhuin 550 km
Ushuaia 653 km
Valdivia 2284 km
Villarrica 2379 km

International Passes

Integración Austral

At 170 metres above sea level, this pass joins through routes 9 and 255 in Chile , the city of Punta Arenas with the Argentine frontier and continues in Argentina with national route 3 to Rio Gallegos distant 76 km from the pass.

Paso San Sebastian

Crossing from Punta Arenas in the transshipping to Puerto Porvenir, there are 142 km. of unpaved road to Paso San Sebastián, where you get to Argentina, where you must present all the corresponding documents. From that place, there are 81 km. of paved road along national route 3 to the city of Río Grande.

Air Transportation

Aerovías Dap

O`Higgins 891

+56 61-2223340

Lan Chile

Bories 884

SKY Airline

Roca 935

+56 61-27106465

Land Transportation

Aerovias Dap S. A.

O Higgins 891

+56 61-2616100

Bus Sur

José Menendez 552

+56 61-2241680

Buses Fernandez

Armando Sanhueza 745

+56 61-2221429


Manuel Rengifo 1973

+56 9 74952041

Franklin Javier Chavez Arteaga

Camino Club Andino - Km. 7

+56 9 88402493

Julio Sopik

Chiloe 157

+56 9 93495515


Jose Mendez 554

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Transportes Juseverto

Población Pedro Aguirre Cerda 2955

+56 9 99982796

Vía Patagonia

Magallanes 990

Sea Transportation

Compañía Naviera de la Patagonia

José Menendez 918

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Marítima Fitz Roy


Navimag S.A.

Magallanes 990

220-0200 222-5864

Transbordadora Austral Broom S.A.

Av. Bulnes 5075