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The Surroundings of Mount Tronador

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Mount Tronador in Bariloche

In the outskirts of the city, the mountain range landscape that surrounds mount Tronador offers multiple proposals to explore the beautiful geography.

The frame provided by the mountain range surrounding San Carlos de Bariloche is the ideal setting for multiple activities.

Only 90 kilometers from the city, stands Mount Tronador, which is 3,478 meters high. After traveling along Route 258, having skirted Lake Gutiérrez and made out Mount Catedral, Lake Mascardi is reached and its eastern shore is bordered. Beyond, a detour that crosses the bridge over the Manso River leads to the Los Alerces Cascade or to Mount Tronador.

The leafy vegetation spreads on both sides of the road, accompanied by Lake Mascardi. A few kilometers ahead, there is a mandatory stop at the vantage point to behold the spectacular view and take some pictures.
Mount Tronador in Bariloche
Farther ahead, after crossing the bridge over the Los Césares Creek, cars may be parked in the surroundings of the Tronador Hotel to start a hike up to the cascade. The 70-meter-high waterfall is reached through a well-defined path that spreads for a few kilometers.

Back on the raod, the Manso River Valley begins. The Gendarmería Nacional Station lies 15 kilometers ahead in the Pampa Linda area, where there is an inn, a camping site and a restaurant for rest and recreation.

From this point, visitors can choose among a wide range of interesting alternatives. They can reach the foot of Mount Tronador, crossing a forest and passing by the Negro Glacier.
Mount Tronador in Bariloche
They can also go on the excursion to the Otto Meiling refuge, in the heart of the mountain, 2,050 m.a.s.l. The 18-kilometer tour spreads across forests and bare slopes covered with snow, where formations of glaciers, rock and snow may be observed.

It is also possible to get to the Old Refuge, the Ilón Lagoon, the las Nubes or the Los Vuriloches Pass, the Saltillo de las Nalcas or to other close mountains such as Mount Volcánico. In this magnificent natural sceneries, visitors can enjoy adventure travel activities which take several days, such as high country hiking and horseback rides amid the ancient ice, the crystal clear waters and the native forests.
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How to get here
Approximately 90 kilometers along National Route 258, heading West, passing by Lakes Mascardi and Gutiérrez.
the summer is the best season to visit this area. Remember to drive carefully along mountain roads.
Rolando 263 (8400) San Carlos de Bariloche - Río Negro - Argentina
Tel: +54 294 443-7527 / 443-3899  
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trekking mountaineering
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horseback rides
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The Detail

In this Andean area there are ten glaciers that slowly give shape to the scenery. Native forests of lengas, ñires, coihues and cañas colihues, among other local species, grow amid these ancient formations. Huemules, cougars, pudúes, foxes and woodpeckers dwell this area.


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