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Comodoro Rivadavia

View of the city - Photo: Jorge González
View of the city - Photo: Jorge González
Patagonia Argentina concentrates the mayority of natural attractions of our South American cone. Time has left its traces there. The different topographic movements and climatic variations, the transformation of the central forests in a steppe plateau rich in mineral and paleonthological deposits,and the cliffs in some sectors while in others the coast presents gentle slopes, offer a multiplicity of occasions to marvel at nature.
Changes permited so diverse and homogeneous geographies that today it is one of the places where there are more alternatives to vinculate with the natural environment through activities related to conservation.
Comodoro Rivadavia is in Golfo San Jorge, a modern vigorous city where you can do different excursions, lodge in very good hotels, and eat in restaurants with an international menu.
This region offers the possibility to enjoy the sun and the beach of Rada Tilly, or travel along the beautiful Bahía de Camarones, near one of the most amazing protected areas, Cabo Dos Bahías, with a significant quantity of guanacos typical of the steppe, and a colony of Magellan penguins in constant growth.

Rada Tilly

Villa Rada Tilly, distant 14 km. from Comodoro Rivadavia, is an urban system of 4.100 inhabitants organized as an autonomous town, with a clear residential recreational profile, which doubles its population in the summer season.
Rada Tilly is connected to the coast in Comodoro Rivadavia, and is part of a corridor oriented to the south that communicates Caleta Olivia and Puerto Deseado, in Santa Cruz.
This corridor with an axis in Ruta Nacional Nº 3 articulates through provincial routes Nº 39 and Nº 1, related to the primary rural economy colonizing the central territory.
Rada Tilly is a small village with all the beauty of a typical Patagonian coast, plus the necessary services to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. The beach is 4 km long, with firm soil, fine sand and a gentle slope manifest when the tide is low, leaving 600 meters open.
The water is unpolluted, clear, and the beach is flanked by Cerro Punta de Piedras and Punta del Marqués, natural viewpoints you can reach through winding paths of incredible beauty.
Between Rada Tilly and Caleta Olivia, in Golfo San Jorge, national route Nº 3 gets closest to the sea in a sector of 70 km., alternating sand and gravel beaches rich in birds , animals and history, with cliffs and plateaus which favor the visual domain from the panoramic views.
Paralel 46 divides the jurisdictions of the provinces of Santa Cruz to the south, and Chubut to the north.
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