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Comodoro Rivadavia

Tours and Activities

  A Tour Towards the Past   A Tour Towards the Past
In the rooms of the Rada Tilly Regional Museum, we learned about the life of the first dwellers of Patagonia. Besides, we saw a replica of the Cave of Felines.
A Tour Towards the Past
  The Railway and the Port   The Railway and the Port
We visited the Railway and Port Museum in the city and learnt about the history of these two icons that were a watershed in Comodoro Rivadavia.
The Railway and the Port
  Tribute to Oil   Tribute to Oil
We visited the Oil Museum and learned about the origin of this important hydrocarbon.
Tribute to Oil
  Windcars in Rada Tilly   Windcars in Rada Tilly
Enthusiastics of speedy windcars find the most appropriate conditions for the practice of this sport on one of the best adapted beaches in the country.
Windcars in Rada Tilly
  Watching the City   Watching the City
A visit to Mount Chenque offers a complete view of the city and its outskirts. A special site to meditate and feel the hail of ancestors.
Watching the City
  Sightseeing around the City   Sightseeing around the City
The urban grid at the foot of Mount Chenque, the extensive seashore and the historical-cultural heritage are good reasons to wander around the city and discover its lifestyle.
Sightseeing around the City
  Theme Circuits   Theme Circuits
Several circuits that show the development hubs on which Comodoro rests may be covered starting at the downtown.
Theme Circuits
  Rada Tilly, Seaside Destination   Rada Tilly, Seaside Destination
Surrounded by cliffs and facing the sea, this village seems to be constantly on vacation, as it carries out a quiet life of contemplation of nature.
Rada Tilly, Seaside Destination
  On the Marquis’ Headland   On the Marquis’ Headland
We visited a natural protected area lying just 17 kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia. On the edge of a cliff, we watched a South American sea lion colony.
On the Marquis’ Headland
  The Wind and the Tides   The Wind and the Tides
A visit to the port of Comodoro Rivadavia may provide a more eloquent idea of its commercial life. Besides, a small sea lion colony may be observed from a close distance.
The Wind and the Tides
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