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Trotting Around Lake Roca

A quiet horseback tour in the surroundings of Lake Roca enables visitors to see other attractive sceneries in Los Glaciares National Park.

The Lake Roca station at Los Glaciares National Park features beautiful sites less famous than the classic circuits. These natural sceneries offer the possibility to practice sport fishing, whether spinning, fly-casting or trolling, go on a hiking tour around hills such as Mount Cristal and reach spectacular panoramic vantage points or dare to ride a horse across these almost unexplored nooks.
To go on an amusing horseback ride, visitors only need to approach this part of the reserve. On the way there, following Route 52, various estancias may be appreciated as they take shelter amongst the typical Santa Cruz shrubs, such as coirones, peinecillo, matanegra and calafates. But this kind of vegetation begins to change as we enter the area where there is a higher rainfall rate.

The lengas, ñires, coihues and notros grow in the shape of woods that moderate the winds. The horseback tour crosses these areas. It goes up along the Cordón de los Cristales slope, it crosses valleys and wades creeks, always watched by the beautiful Perito Moreno Glacier. Gradually, the tour gets deep into the thickness of the Magellanic forest.

  • Los Glaciares National Park

    Los Glaciares National Park

  • Postcard Patagonia

    Postcard Patagonia

  • Estancias santacruceñas

    Estancias santacruceñas

  • Peace and quiet

    Peace and quiet

  • Old wagon

    Old wagon

A stop on the way lets adventurers behold and contemplate the crystal-clear water bodies and impressive panoramic sights of the mountain range scenery.

The excursion gets to the Lake Roca campsite at lunchtime. Visitors enjoy a typical criollo meal and then they have a long after-lunch chat. Later on, they start their way back bordering the lake shore up to its head. At this point of the itinerary, local and exotic birds are watched. As they reach the estancia, mates and tortas fritas expect the riders.

Karina Jozami / Jorge González

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Useful Data

Level of Difficulty: low.

Duration: all day.

Timetables: daily outings at 8:30am, return at 6pm.

Recommendations: The horseback ride leaves from Estancia Lago Roca. The shuttle, an asado criollo, a guide and insurance are included in the rate. Pack warm clothes and sunscreen. This excursion is not recommended for children under 7. Take Provincial Route 15 and travel 52 kilometers from the city.

Contact: Cabalgatas del Glaciar
Calle 378, 124 - Barrio Salesiano (9405) El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina Tel: +54 2902-495447

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