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Fishing Outings in Panguipulli

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Fishing in Panguipulli

From Panguipulli to Choshuenco there are 30km. up to Toledo bridge, and you will go along the river up to the outlet in lake Panguipulli. There you can go fly fishing or cast a dipper.

Panguipulli Circuit

Between Panguipulli and Los Lagos there are 14 km. to Río Mañio, a good place for fly fishing.
From Panguipulli to Choshuenco there are 11 km. to Huanehue bridge, where you must pay attention to the floods at 19 hs. and you can do fly fishing.
You can get to the outlet of Huanehue river along the north coast of the lake, what takes about an hour in a motor boat, or go to the outlet of Niltre river passing by Huanehue river, what takes some 30 minutes.

You can go to Puntilla Los Cipreses in the peninsula in a row boat in 30 minutes, or to Isla del Amor in the same director in an hour row, and go trolling to the sector of the Cross.

Pullinque Circuit

To go to Tralahuapi river you must take the turning to Curihue from Panguipulli until Pullinque. Since it is a pebble road, you must use a high vehicle to get to the end of the road, and there see Mr. Celedonio to go down to the river.

From Panguipulli you pass by Bocatoma, turn right on the bridge and go on along the pebble road to Tranca (you must not take the turning to Releco), then you must pay the access to Sauil river and wade the river walking along its shore in a beautiful spot.

Coñaripe Circuit

From Panguipulli to Liquiñe, 72 km far passing the bridge at the beginning of the city, you must descend to Liquiñe river. You may walk along the river and fly cast from its shore.
From Panguipulli to the crossing with Coñaripe in km. 34, you must stop on the bridge and descend to Pellaifa river. You must walk downstream along its coast up to its outlet in lake Calafquén, that means "beautiful landscape".

Another alternative is to take the road on the right before the bridge in km. 35 to arrive to the same river. There you can do fly fishing or use a metal bait. Lake Calafquén offers very good fishing possibilities from a boat with a caiman or a metal bait. It is advisable to carry one´s own boat.
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