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Puerto Madryn’s Natural Science

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Oceanographic and Natural Sciences Museum

The aim of the Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum is to safeguard and spread the richness of the sea ecosystem at Puerto Madryn.

The aim of the Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum is to safeguard and spread the richness of the sea ecosystem at Puerto Madryn.
The venue has preserved its architectural value, even after being remodeled. It is organized in several halls that provide a tour throughout the history of the City of Chubut, paying special attention to the Welsh immigrants and the ecological diversity in the Province.

Specifically, at the Welsh Hall, visitors may clearly interpret the integration and development process managed by the colonists hand in hand with all the native peoples of the region.

There is a room especially devoted to Botany and Geology. It presents a full description of the steppe and the Patagonian coastline.
Oceanographic and Natural Sciences Museum
Visitors may also tour around the room displaying fish, invertebrates, birds, sea mammals and cetaceans, which gives evidence of the features of the sea littoral that outlines the East margin of the City of Puerto Madryn.

Last but not least, it is imperative to point out that the natural environment features very important resources exploited by the local denizens quite profitably through fishing and tourism; namely: excursions, SCUBA diving practices and wildlife mapping.

Pujol Palace
In 1917, pioneers Agustín Pujol and Anita Howel built Pujol Palace, best known as “Madryn Castle”.
Oceanographic and Natural Sciences Museum
In 1883, Agustín Pujol landed on the shores of Chubut and settled down as a merchant and a local supplier. He also succeeded in carrying out important community work by building roads that would connect the emerging hamlets known as Telsen and Madryn.

The house features a strong Neo-classical style. It has a staircase made of carved stone and braces that join the ceiling with the wall. A view of the ships entering the gulf may be observed from its tower.

In 1971, the Pujol’s house passed onto the hands of the government of Chubut and it was turned into a museum. Later on, it was declared cultural provincial heritage.

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Puerto Madryn
The City of Puerto Madryn is bathed by the blue waters of the Nuevo Gulf, on the East of the Province of Chubut.

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we recommend that you visit this place in order to learn about the history of one of the first buildings to be raised in Puerto Madryn.
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Madryn’s Oceanographic Museum is the only one in Argentina to have such a name. The new stage of this institution expresses the museologic perspective of integrating the heritage of the building with the collections displayed there in a didactic fashion.
The re-opening exhibition, “The Man and The Sea”, shows the various relations men have established with this particular ecological environment which represents all the districts that make up the Valdés Peninsula shire.

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