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The best information about the main winter resort

Nevados de Chillán


There are three proposals at the winter resort which combine ski with comforting hot spring baths.

The facilities and amenities at 3-star Hotel Nevados are ideal for the family. In addition to 48 rooms, it has a spacious dining-room, bar with fireplace, games room, outdoor swimming pool and hot spring spa.

The luxurious Gran Hotel Termas Chillán has an excellent infrastructure in perfect harmony with the mountain range environment. In addition to its 120 fully-equipped rooms, there are air-conditioned areas, restaurants, games and conference rooms, pub, boutiques, gym, squash courts, nursery and, of course, the first-class thermal spa.

Accommodation Another choice proposed by the Termas de Chillán resort is the hotel Pirimahuida , located in the Las Trancas area, 7 kilometers from the resort. The landscape surrounding it stands out for its unsurpassable views of the Chillán snow-capped mountains and the volcano. It has 26 comfortable rooms, restaurant, pub, swimming-pool and lounge. Besides, there is no need to worry about the transfer to the resort, as they have this service available.

For groups of three to six people, the exclusive condominium integrated by apartment buildings is another quality choice offered by Termas de Chillán. With all the comfort: fully-equipped kitchen, television set and room service, if you wish.

In addition to all the comfort provided by our hotels, you may take advantage of the multiple benefits offered by the Club House, its swimming-pool, pub and restaurant. All kinds of social and cultural activities are practiced here, to share diverse amusing choices with the other guests in a relaxed environment.

After dinner, the evening continues at the resort discotheque, to dance and have fun till dawn.

On the other hand, and beyond all the amenities offered by the resort, there is a varied accommodation proposal at Las Trancas Valley, 7 kilometers away from the ski center.

Where to Sleep in Chillán

Lodging in Termas de Chillán

5-star Hotels

3-star Hotels

Alto Nevados

220-6105 / 220-6146

Nevados de Chillán

220-6105 / 220-6146


Don Matias Ski-in/Ski-out

Edificio Los Ñirres, Dpto. 601 (41) 246-1030

Condominios Termas de Chillán

243-4200 / (02) 2233-1313

Camping Sites

Valle Hermoso

220-6100 8189-2959

Hot Springs

Nevados de Chillan

220-6105 / 220-6146

Valle Hermoso

220-6100 8189-2959

Lodging in Valle de las Trancas


M.I. Lodge

Fundo Los Pretiles Parc 83 9321-7567

Ako Lodge

Km 69 camino Termas 9753-1330


Fundo los Petriles parcela 66 7996-4687 / 9355-4001

3-star Hotels

M.I. Lodge

Fundo Los Pretiles Parc 83 9321-7567


Borde Andino

Km 70 Camino a termas 9318-7500

La Posada del Valle Facebook

Cno a Nevados de Chillán Km 72 83-5145 5363-4597


43-2031 43-2030


Km 69 camino a Termas de Chillán 9822-4672

3-star Cabins


Km.72.Cno. a Termas de Chillan 42-3960 /3961 9887-0410

Las Cabras FacebookTwitter

Cno. Los Radales s/n Shangri La 8-1887702

Blanche Neige

A 5 Km. de Termas de Chillan 41-222-7942 9-4408384


Km.71 Cno. a Termas 42-4102 9969-9560


31-0270 9-2186992


 Borde Andino

Km 70 Camino a termas 9318-7500

Ecobox Andino Facebook

Camino Shangrila Lote 4b 42-3134 9319-9513

Las Añañucas III

Km 72 de Chillán 287-6306

Los Andes FacebookTwitterYoutube

Km. 70.4 de Chillán 9951-5238

Rucahue el Escalador

Km. 72 de Chillán 23-6162 9964-8413

Agua de Fuego


Aguanieve Energy


Antué Chile

Km. 71 42-3774 42-3775


Los Cohiues - Recinto s/n 9-9991737


27-4141 9-6269705


a 7 km de termas 9475-7184

Condominio Patagonia

km 71 de Chillán 8136-5605

Cumbres Blancas

Km. 70.4 de Chillán 21-8233 / 24-2683

El Esquiador


El Leñador

197-3663 / 22-0811

Jamón Pan y Vino

43-0148 43-0149

La Baita Cabañas Italianas

Km. 70.5 24-8008 / 33-1233 95-1622

Las Trancas

Km. 75 de Chillan 24-3211

Los Nevados

Los Radales s/n 8-8899359

Los Ñirres



22-3191 9-9362060

Nueva Andorra

km 72 camino a las termas 9933-8755 / 9547-9310

Pacha Pulay

A 5 Km. de Termas de Chillán 41-222-7942 9-4408384




km 72 camino a las termas 8419-6302


Km. 75 de Chillan 24-5305


Marula Spa Boutique

Fundo Los Pretiles Parc 83 9321-7567


Chil In

Km 72.1 Cno. a Termas de chillan 224-7075


Posada Nevados

Km 73 Camino Termas 220-6105 / 220-6146

Riding Chile

Km. 73 de Chillán 8879-3034

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