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Equipment Rental

Modern technology and equipment at the Portillo ski and snowboard rental shop. Parabolic high-performance skis, short skis for instruction and wide ones for powder snow, apart from the modern snowboards. Everything is supported by the best assistance.

1 Day Ski week
Description Adults Kids Adults Kids
Complete Standard Equipment 42 32 265 200
Standard Skis 25 19 159 121
Performance Equipment 55 - 357 -
Performance Skis 34 - 215 -
Complete Snowboarding Equipment 42 32 265 200
Snowboard 29 23 186 141
Helmet 12 12 69 69

Note: The rates, expressed in U.S. Dollars, have been provided by the ski resort, responsible for any modification without prior notice. We recommend that you check the rates before making a reservation. Equipment Rental in Portillo
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