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Flying with Heliushuaia

Flying with Heliushuaia is enjoying the end of the world from a non-conventional perspective: the air.

Flying with Heliushuaia is enjoying the end of the world from a non-conventional perspective. It is to discover this remote site of the planet with the privilege so far only enjoyed by birds. It is to explore the unknown and learn the secrets hidden by nature.

It is to breathe in the fresh mountain air and to behold the vastness of the incredible sceneries given to us by this land of legend that captivates our sight and indulges us with a feeling of pleasure and well-being.

The Quietness of Enjoyment

Private helicopter tours are ideal to see and appreciate the City of Ushuaia with its geographic diversity and thus become aware of the immensity from above.

  • Sobrevolando la ciudad

    Sobrevolando la ciudad

  • Posados sobre la cumbre del monte Susana

    Posados sobre la cumbre del monte Susana

  • Observaciones de Estancias y naufragios

    Observaciones de Estancias y naufragios

  • Las cumbres del Susana y Olivia

    Las cumbres del Susana y Olivia

  • Iniciando el paseo

    Iniciando el paseo

  • Vista del Paseo del Fuego y sus alrededores

    Vista del Paseo del Fuego y sus alrededores

  • Rumbo al valle Tierra Mayor

    Rumbo al valle Tierra Mayor

The helicopter called Robinson 44 can accommodate 4 passengers and offers silent, dynamic and fast-maneuvering flights. Therefore, it becomes perfectly adapted to the area and it does not generate any kind of pollution, an essential feature to preserve this place, one of the less polluted on Earth.

The World from Above

When the helicopter took off from Ushuaia’s heliport, we experienced an exquisite contact with the surrounding environment. In a matter of minutes, we were amazed by the imposing panoramic views of Tierra del Fuego: the islands, the beaches and the inhospitable nooks that follow one another as the helicopter moves ahead.

We flew over the city and appreciated the huge size of Mounts Susana, Olivia and Cinco Hermanos from a close distance. Afterwards, we came close to the freshness of the Le Martial Glacier and entered the Tierra Mayor and Carabajal Valleys.

“This is an ideal helicopter for this area. Fast and pleasant at the same time, it is like a window with a panoramic view. We can watch ahead, behind and to both sides. It is perfect for spotting animals and here it is the sceneries that accompany us. They are really unique from every point of view”, our highly experienced pilot told us.

And he was right. At times, we felt as if we were in front of a silver screen, with an added value: we were headed for what our eyes were set on.

And thus, looking and pointing, we discovered the beauties of Lake Esmeralda and the already famous Mount Castor, which marked the last part of the flight before we touched ground in the City of Ushuaia again.

We were unaware of the fact that the 30-minute flight plan had already elapsed and when we started to descend, we realized this adventure that seemed it would last forever was already over.

We were highly satisfied to have seen this fascinated show which would remain forever in our memory.

Pablo Etchevers

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Useful Data

Recommendations: In addition to the traditional flight described herein, visitors are usually amazed by the possibility of reaching almost inaccessible sites. Some of these include fishing spots (both rivers and lakes) where large trout and salmon may be caught surrounded by paradisiacal sceneries. Others, instead, choose to fly over the famous Beagle Channel, a fundamental milestone to understand this region in the world which has been called The End for a reason. The flight proposals are open for everyone. The fantastic R44 is waiting at the landing strip for time and place to be arranged. Visitors just need to come along.

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