On the Vinciguerra Glacier

We walked on the mythical Vinciguerra Glacier, a unique tour whose main attractions are the feeling of solitude and the proximity of nature.

The Vinciguerra Glacier is one of the largest in Tierra del Fuego. Walking on its icy surface is a great challenge and a unique experience for many people.

In order to carry out this expedition with all the success possible, it is best to get in touch with Compañía de Guías de la Patagonia (Patagonia Guides Company). They are highly experienced and trained to serve tourists who wish to reach the glacier.

It is important to point out that this excursion is accessible for all those people who are willing to walk during 6 hours. The most representative elements of the natural environments of Tierra del Fuego may be seen on an all-day trekking tour around a place where recent geological facts may be read on the rocks and the shapes of the valleys. The mountain guide is in charge of introducing visitors to the secrets of the heights.

  • Lakes and icebergs

    Lakes and icebergs

  • Vinciguerra glacier

    Vinciguerra glacier

  • Trekking


  • The ancient ice

    The ancient ice

  • Ice Floes Lagoon

    Ice Floes Lagoon

  • Cave in the glacier

    Cave in the glacier

The shuttle picks up the people at their hotel very early in the morning and takes them down to the spot where the trail begins. After a 20 minutes’ walk, Arroyo Grande (Big Creek) is crossed and there starts the ascent to Laguna de los Témpanos (Ice Floes Lagoon), where adventurers take a rest and have lunch on the shores of the splendid water body.
The hiking tour towards the glacier continues. At its foot, the guides help everyone to put on their crampons and move safely on the icy surface in order to explore.

Walking on the snowdrift is a peculiar experience. The ancient ice groans at each step as crevasses, caves and drains are observed all around. The guide gives an explanation about glaciology which helps everybody understand how it was formed and the reason for its colors and shapes.

In some opportunities, it is possible to practice ice climbing on a semi vertical wall, an ideal experience teeming with adrenaline.

After going around the mythical snowdrift at the end of the world and taking some pictures, adventurers start their way back through the Andorra Valley. The shuttle goes back to the city at approximately 5pm.

Thus, one of the largest and southernmost glaciers on the planet is visited. We highly recommend hiring this excursion.

Pablo Etchevers / Gentileza Ushuaia Aventura

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Useful Data

Level of Difficulty: intermediate

Duration: 7 hours

Timetables: The tour starts at 9am

Recommendations: this tour includes mountain guide, food and transportation. The season to enjoy this activity is from November to March; in the winter, it may be enjoyed as a snowshoeing tour.

Contact: Ushuaia Aventura - Gabriel Ignacio Laudadio
Av. de Los Ñires 2382 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Cel: +54 2901-642551

Contact: Brasileiros em Ushuaia
San Martín 1306 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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