Sea Tour at Raúl Marín Balmaceda

We went to the sea and discovered its vastness, its birds, some sea lion reserves and let ourselves be rocked by its powerful swell.

Going on a motorboat tour is typical while staying at this paradisiacal site. Some visitors even combine it with fishing.

The presence of the sea and its vastness, the swelling of the tides and the winds of Raúl Marín Balmaceda, made us subject to this particular feature.

All the inhabitants are used to practicing activities conditioned by the weather. If sailing conditions are good, they set sail. Otherwise, they wait. Simple and clever at the same time.

We arrived in the fishing lodge and immediately felt as if we were at home. We placed our luggage at one of its comfortable cabins. We were ready to go on some of the many tours available in this area.

Outside, the cabins look just like local houses, with a nice lawn. Inside, the comfort of the best hotels and the coziness of feeling as if we were at home.

Setting Sail

It was a great idea to start with a sea tour on one of the many watercrafts ready to show visitors around. As we had expected, it was a little windy and we had to wear warm clothes.

We left the fishermen’s pier behind, went past the ferry ramp and got deep into the various nooks familiar to the motorboat.

Staying under the canopy and peeping out our nose at times, we saw small islands and channels appear before our sight.

On our first contact with the sea, we could reach the lighthouse island, dwelled by pelicans. As we approached this site, hundreds of these birds soared up into a cloud of wings in sign of shyness before our presence.

The strength of the wind and the waves prevented us from advancing but we could spot the sea lions island, accessible only when the weather conditions are favorable. However, our tour continued towards other snug places.

There are plenty of possibilities. We went around areas with large rocks, where Hugo, our expert helmsman, chose the best route to go through safely.

The color of the water changed according to the light and the wind. We could see its different shades during the ride.

As a result of stormy weather, the sea deposited branches and logs on many beaches.

A Thousand Nooks Waiting

There exist other possibilities to sail around safe sites getting to know wonderful retreats: the sea lions island, the Pitipalena Fjord. Likewise, wildlife mapping is also recommended by the locals.

In the evening, when everything was quieter, very comfortably we watched the sea from inside a hot bathtub next to our cabin. We enjoyed the well-known murmur of the waves breaking in the shore.

Afterwards, we had dinner with our hosts. We had a nice conversation and learned more about this Patagonian destination with matchless quality and coziness.

Such is this sea village: wild at times. Charming and generous always.

Autor Mónica Pons

Contact of the excursion or tour

Fundo Los Leones

Puerto Raul Marin (6010000) Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda, XI Región, Chile

Cel: +56 7898-2956

Recommendations Safety rules according to the kind of outing chosen.
It is mandatory to hire an expert guide.

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