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Information about casinos in Patagonia

Casinos in the Southern Patagonia

Southern Corridor

Status Hotel Casino
Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego
Av. San Martín 268  Tel: 43-5700   email
Games / slots / coffee-shop / restaurant / hotel
Hotel Dreams del Estrecho
Punta Arenas, XII Región
O'Higgins 1235  Tel: 220-4132   email
Games / slots / coffee-shop / restaurant / hotel
Casino Club
El Calafate, Santa Cruz
Av. Del Libertador 1061  Tel: 49-5911   email
Games / slots / coffee-shop
Casino Club
Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz
Av. San Martín 641  Tel: 42 -0860  
Games / slots / coffee-shop
Casino Club
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
San Martín 638  Tel: 43-1790   email
Games / slots / coffee-shop

Patagonia has a great deal of casinos distributed all throughout Argentina and Chile, and their modern halls let visitors enjoy games of chance such as roulette, slot machines, Black Jack, baccarat and dice. This section features the various casinos located in Patagonia. Discover each of them in the various regions presented in our website. Luck is waiting!

Hiking in Patagonia

Hiking or walking is an activity practiced in all kinds of terrains and is not restricted to age, gender or physical fitness.
As in every task, there are various levels of difficulty, which can be surpassed gradually as experience is gained. The routes are divided into four types of difficulty: relaxed, medium, steady and difficult.

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