Chaitén / Futaleufú How to get there

From Puerto Montt you must take route Nº 7 to Seno de Reloncavi and Volcán Corcovado until you arrive at Caleta La Arena where you take a thirty minutes transshipping to Caleta Puelche. Then you continue along the route to Hornopiren where another five hour trip on a transshipping will take you to Caleta Gonzalo and after 70 km more along route 7 you get to Chaitén.

From Chaitén to:

Ancud 292 km
Chile Chico 812 km
Cochrane 774 km
Coihaique 420 km
El Maiten 697 km
Frutillar 246 km
Osorno 305 km
Panguipulli 451 km
Pucon 535 km
Puerto Aysen 361 km
Puerto Ibañez 508 km
Puerto Montt 204 km
Puerto Natales 800 km
Puerto Octay 268 km
Puerto Porvenir 647 km
Puerto Varas 220 km
Punta Arenas 657 km
Quellon 455 km
Temuco 557 km
Valdivia 413 km
Villarrica 509 km

International Passes

Paso Futaleufu

From Chaiten you must take Carretera Austral to the south towards Villa Santa Lucia, then turn to the east and drive 31 km to Pto. Ramirez where you must take the route to the north and after 47 km get to Paso Futaleufú open during the day to cross the border and after 75 km on a pebble road you get to Esquel in Argentina, passing by Trevelin.

Paso Rio Encuentro

From Chaiten you must take the Carretera Austral to the south up to Villa Santa Lucia, then turn to the east and drive 31 km to Pto. Ramirez and continue to the soutwest for 51 km, pass by Palena and get to the pass during day time to cross to Argentina on a pebble road where you must drive 20 km and take the turning to the north to arrive at Esquel after 96 km.

B. Picoya

Chaitén / Futaleufú


Turismo Futaleufú

Chaitén / Futaleufú

P. A. Cerda 505 - Futaleufú



Chaitén / Futaleufú

O'Higgins 234 - Futaleufú



Chaitén / Futaleufú

Camino Aeropuerto s/n



Chaitén / Futaleufú

Balmaceda s/n - Futaleufú


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