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Golf in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)
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Among the various activities developed on Patagonian soil, the practice of golf has been gaining more and more strength in the last few years. Patagonia presents a great diversty, made up by magnificent sceneries for the development of this sport. Enjoying physical exercise and the delight of nature are combined in all its richness and variety.

You will find dream circuits in Patagonia. Some of them are nestled in beautiful Andean landscapes, on riverbanks or on the shores of grand water mirrors. Others are surrounded by leafy vegetation, thick forests and show off the most perfect grass and amazing gardens that print a touch of audacity on the courses.
You will enjoy yourself at various clubs, courses or sites specially built for this activity. Some venues have the traditional 18 holes, and others offer you the possibility to comply with this circuit by going over a double 9-hole tour. You will be amazed at the care put on every course and the perseverance of their sponsors, who perform an admirable task in order to provide a site full of quietness and pleasure, both for amateurs and professionals of this exciting sport.

Join us in our discovery of Patagonia from a different point of view. You will find various paradisiacal places that embellish this area. Here we present a list of the clubs located within the entire region contemplated by Interpatagonia.
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