Junín de los Andes How to get there

From Neuquén along national route 22 to the south, passing by Cutral Co and Zapala you take national route 40 up to La Rinconada , where you must cross Rio Aluminé and take provincial route 40 to Junin de los Andes.

From Buenos Aires along national routes 5, 35, 153, 143, Provincial route 20 (La Pampa), and national routes 151, 22, 237 and 40.

From Neuquén, leaving along national route 22 until the bifurcation of route 237 passing by Piedra del Aguila and Cuesta del Collón Cura, you must take the route before the bridge over the river to La Rinconada, where you must take route 40 to Junín de los Andes.

From San Carlos de Bariloche there are three options:
*National routes 237 and 40, a distance of 250 Km. of paved route.
*The Route of the 7 Lakes, passing by all the lakes along the way to San Martín de los Andes, with a part of the route under construction, and two thirds of it already paved.
*The third option via Paso de Córdoba, after route 237 to Confluencia, and then crossing the bridge over the dam, and taking provincial route 63 until the crossroad with route 40 at the height of the river Hermoso and passing by the city of San Martín de los Andes.

International Passes:

Paso Mamuil Malal o Tromen
It joins Junín de los Andes (Argentina) and Pucón (Chile) through a dust and pebble road, with a post of Gendarmeria and Customs in Argentina and Customs in Puesco, Chile .
The road is surrounded by araucaria forests, and right at the limit, you can make a halt at the Christ between both customs, an ideal place to stop for tea.
Remember that none of the two customs allows for fresh fruit or food.
Paso Mamuil Malal via Curarrehue 118 km .

Paso Carirriñe
Along provincial route 40 to the south until the crossing with provincial route 62 that you must take to the right and start the dust sector until the frontier after passing lakes Curruhue Grande and Chico, and Lagoons Verde, Escorial and Toro.
Very near the border you will find Termas de Lahuen-co and Termas de Liquiñe, both very healthy and interesting.
After customs, gendarmeria and carabineros, you continue along Carretera Internacional CH 201 , a pebble route to Panguipulli , distant 73 km .

Paso Hua Hum
It is situated at 673 metres above sea level. You must take provincial route 40 until San Martín de los Andes (Argentina) and before the city, turn right along provincial route 48, all pebble road until the border in Hua Hum .
There you must take a trasshipping in lake Pirihueico after passing Aduana and Gendarmeria in Argentina, a beautiful two hour raft until Puerto Fuy, where you must continue on an unpaved road to Panquipulli .
The raft has different frequencies during the weeks, according to the season, for what you must get information before leaving San Martín to the crossroad.

Distances from Junin de los Andes to:

Buenos Aires 1610 km
Bahia Blanca 1057 km
Bariloche 185 km ( via Paso del Cordoba)
Bariloche 224 km (via siete lagos)
Bariloche 240 km (via Rinconada)
El Bolsón 350 km
El Calafate 1480 km
Esquel (Ruta 40) 510 Km
Las Grutas 820 km
Osorno 270 km (through 7lagos)
Piedra del Aguila 160 km
Pucón 160 km
Puerto Varas 569 km
Puerto Montt 884 km
Temuco (via Mamuil Malal) 246 km
Valdivia 310 km
Villarrica 177 km

Villa La Angostura 150 km
Villa Traful 120 km
Neuquén 392 km
Zapala 203 km

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