Lago Verde History and Legends


History goes that it was the Tehuelches who dwelled in this region of Chile and nowadays, it is still possible to spot the track of these settlements all throughout the towns that make up the Commune of Lago Verde.

On the other hand, the colonists arrived in the commune in 1910 and they gradually adopted this area as a prosperous site to start a new life.

It is said that it was in 1914 that the first settler arrived in what today is Lago Verde. First he came by himself and later he managed to bring along the rest of the family. Just like other Chilean families, they resolved to dwell in these lands, which were also populated by Argentinian citizens.

Journeys were done by cart and would take days. Therefore, many people would desist from setting out. However, the popularity of this place soon caused many to embark upon such risky venture.

Both Chilean and Argentinian people, which we could refer to jointly as “Patagonian”, managed to bring this territory to life and to incorporate their codes and experience which today are manifested in the popular festivals held in the area and attended by the dwellers of the entire Patagonian region.

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