Perito Moreno How to get there

From Comodoro Rivadavia, you must drive 386 km along paved routes starting in national route 3 to the south until Caleta Olivia, and there take provincial route 12 to Pico Truncado, where you must take route 43 to Perito Moreno.

International Passes

Paso Chile Chico or Rio Jeinemeni

Leaving to the west from the city after 62 km around lake Buenos Aires, you arrive at the Chilean border, where you will find Customs and Carabineros, cross the pass and arrive after 3 km to Chile Chico over the coast of the same lake, called in Chile Gral Carreras.

Paso Roballos

Leaving from the city of Perito Moreno to the south and taking national route 40 to Bajo Caracoles and there west along provincial route 41 for some 80 km until Customs and Carabineros , you cross the border and drive some 95 km more until the crossing where you must turn to the south to arrive at Cochrane .

Paso Ing.Ibañez-Pallavicini

Leaving from Puerto Ibañez , 20 km to the east, you will find the pass at 457 metres above sea level, and continue in Argentina along provincial routes 72 and 45 to Perito Moreno.

Paso Huemules

Distant 150 km from Perito along national route 40 and provincial route 55, it is situated at a height of 650 metres above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 15° C in summer and -5° C in winter. In Argentina, the pebble route is consolidated, and in Chile it is paved route 245, distant 60 kms from Coyhaique.

Distances from Perito Moreno to:

Puerto Deseado 421 km
Pico Truncado 226 km
Chile Chico 65 km
Comandante L.Piedra Buena 563 km
Puerto Santa Cruz 593 km
Gobernador Gregores 363 km
Rio Turbio 1151 km
El Calafate 801 km
Los Antiguos 60 km


Perito Moreno

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