Puerto Cisnes

Puerto CisnesPuerto Cisnes

Puerto Cisnes is a small urban settlement in the Chilean region called Aysén. It is accessed through a road that leads travelers 32 kilometers from the main route, in this case, the Southern Road.

The city is located on the Puyuhuapi Channel Bay, next to the mouth of the Cisnes River and opposite Isla Magdalena National Park. This is a dreamed-of scene that combines the sea and a small fishermen’s village.

Its location has caused Puerto Cisnes to be the center of an ample littoral area. Thus, it has close contact with other island communities in Puerto Gala and Gaviota through the sea.

Fishing is the main economic activity in Puerto Cisnes. As a result of the high number of visitors the city summons during the summer season, in the last few years local denizens have started to offer accommodation and gastronomy services for tourists who come along.

Today, Puerto Cisnes is part o the tourist offer in the Region of Aysén, along with other small communities that enjoy the same privilege of having become famous quite recently.

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