Puerto Aysén How to get there

Along Carretera Austral 7 from the north or the south.

International Passes to República Argentina

Paso Internacional de Coyhaique Alto

After 45 km. to the north east of the city of Coyhaique, you get to Río Mayo and Comodoro Rivadavia in Argentina.

Balmaceda International Pass

It is 55 km. to the south east of the city of Coyhaique, and leads to Lago Blanco, Río Mayo, Perito Moreno, Las Héras and Comodoro Rivadavia in Argentina.

Paso Fronterizo Chile Chico

Distant 4 km. to the east of Chile Chico and 345 km. from Coyhaique, it joins the city of Chile Chico with Los Antiguos and Perito Moreno forming touristic circuits integrated to Chile.

Paso Interregional La Junta
It is situated 269 kmto the north of the city of Coyhaique. It is frequented by passengers from the region of Los Lagos, via Camino Austral.

By boat:

You can take the boat in Puerto Chacabuco, the main port of the region, 82 km. to the north east of Coyhaique, which joins Puerto Aisén along a paved road.

By plane:
It is the most frequent and efficient means to access to the region, and is constituted by the following airports:
Aeropuerto de Balmaceda: 55 km. to the south east of Coyhaique.
Aeródromo Teniente Vidal: 7 km. to the south west of Coyhaique.

(*) A safe-conduct of International Police and Customs is required for vehicles.
(**) Customs service, SAG (Agriculture and Livestock Service) and International Police in summer.

Distances from Puerto Aysen to:

Ancud 719 km
Castro 407 km
Coihaique 65 km
Cochrane 403 km
Chaiten 357 km
Chile Chico 458
El Maiten 344 km
Frutillar 645 km
Llanquihue 626 km
Osorno 735 km
Panguipulli 851 km
Pucon 934 km
Punta Arenas 1645 km
Puerto Ibañez 168 km
Puerto Montt 626 km
Puerto Natales 1588 km (safest route)
Puerto Octay 668 km
Puerto Porvenir 293 km
Puerto Varas 619 km
Quellon 854 km
San Martin de los Andes 1256 km
Santiago de Chile 1642 km
Temuco 965 km
Valdivia 836 km
Villarica 941 km

Buses Suray

Puerto Aysén

Arturo Prat 265


SKY Airline

Puerto Aysén

Teniente Merino 660


Buses Don Carlos

Puerto Aysén

Subte. Cruz 63


Buses Cordillera

Puerto Aysén

Terminal de Buses of 1.

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