Puerto Montt History and Legends


The city of Puerto Montt was founded on 12th February 1853 by don Vicente Perez Rosales, with German immigrants who had come to colonize the area of Llanquihue.
It grew very rapidly while giving services as the center of the colonized territory, and at the arrival of the raiway in 1912, it gained a new impulse as a stopover on the way to ChiloƩ and Magallanes.
In 1979 it became capital of the X Region of the Lakes , with the provinces of Valdivia, Osorno, Llanquihue, ChiloƩ, and Palena. Today its populations reaches 110.000 inhabitants.
The cultivation of salmon in more than 30 establishments has produced an important growth since 1985, together with an important number of service industries.
Puerto Angelmo, a small port in the proximities of the city is today the starting point for the fishing production in the area.
Puerto Montt was destroyed and then rebuilt after the earthquake in 1960. Today it offers an appropiate infraestructure for tourists who choose it as their vacation place.

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