Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt Bay of Puerto Montt - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio

It is one of the best-known cities in Chile and its estuary -named Reloncavi- resembles an orchestra floor around Puerto Montt, a city accessed through the Carretera Panamericana (Panamerican Road).

In the surroundings, the salmon industry is exploited by several tourist undertakings. The imprints of this prodigious sea are evident at the stalls and restaurants in the local port.

Capital of the Tenth Region of Chile, Puerto Montt features an incredible kind of nature. Rainforests and lakes, estuaries and islands, and mainly volcanoes contribute diverse attractions that are perfectly combined with sports and recreational outdoor activities.

While walking down its waterfront, visitors will come across various piers: the Yacht Club, the local port, fabulous cruise ships, Angelmó Cove and its handicrafts market and, right off the shore, Tenglo Island, famous for its viewpoint and its curanto.

In front of Angelmó Cove, there lies the Seafood and Fish Market, where the most typical products from this area may be found: mussels, scallop shells, clams, locos and picororos, as well as the famed pink salmon.

Alerce Andino National Park, where the last twenty thousand hectares of an ancient forest are preserved, has become one of the classic tours during a stay in Puerto Montt and is reached following the Southern Road.

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Map of Puerto Montt

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