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Horseback rides, hiking tours or fishing outings are an invitation to see forests, lakes and crystal clear rivers while enjoying memorable adventures.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find endless possibilities to go on expeditions that set out from Puerto Octay. Touring around the contour of Lake Llanquihue for some hours or longer is one of them.

When it comes to hiking, the nearby circuits boast amazing beauty. The scene varies at every bend, as woodlands lodging very tall pine trees or shocking green ample meadows are crossed. There is a trail for every taste and the best known are those going across Patagonian cypress woods, Mount Los Arenales and a natural viewpoint that boasts lakes lying in the surroundings, even Lake Todos Los Santos and the sheer mounts around it.

Our main aim was to try angling and we succeeded in getting on board a watercraft to cross Lake Llanquihue and touch some points highly valued by this practice during the trout season. Thus, we headed for Ports Fonck and Klocker and the site known as Las Cascadas. We enjoyed our experience and felt so enthusiastic about the successful fish bite that we tried again using other modalities.

  • Enjoying memorable adventures

    Enjoying memorable adventures

  • Try angling

    Try angling

  • Will find endless possibilities to go on expeditions

    Will find endless possibilities to go on expeditions

  • Outdoor enthusiasts

    Outdoor enthusiasts

We gladly agreed to reach the Gaviotas River and Lake Los Quetros and changed our rods and artificial lures to adapt to the environment and catch the specimens everyone was talking about. It was a festival of rainbow trout and coffee that we will never forget.

In the proximity of Lake Rupanco, we accessed some natural hot springs whose medicinal properties guaranteed a rewarding rest at the same time the Puntiagudo and Osorno Volcanoes showed off their spectacular silhouettes.

Always guided by expert local people, we practiced wildlife mapping in the different sectors. We were given two pieces of advice: keep quiet and carry binoculars to discover every single detail the human eye cannot perceive. As far as mammals are concerned, we could only see some footprints. The birds appeared here and there. Thus, we heard the chucao in the understorey, watched the fast flight of the hummingbird and enjoyed the presence of the kingfisher on the river banks

Nature in its entire splendor is present in all sports activities available at Puerto Octay, a town immersed in an ample circuit rich in environmental diversity.

Mónica Pons / Eduardo Epifanio

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