Quellón How to get there

You can get to the Big Island of Chiloé by car along the Carretera Panamericana Sur to Puerto Montt and then take a transshipping to cross Canal de Chacao from the continent to the island, visit the island from north to south, and finally get to the end of it to the city of Quellón.

Distances from Quellón to:

Ancud 187 km
Castro 92 km
Chaiten 455 km
Chile Chico 1267 km
Cochrane 1213 km
Coihaique 868 km
Frutillar 293 km
Osorno 352 km
Panguipillu 499 km
Pucon 582 km
Puerto Aysen 854 km
Puerto Ibañez 977 km
Puerto Montt 251 km
Puerto Natales 603 km
Puerto Varas 267 km
Puerto Porvenir 450 km
Punta Arenas 460 km
Puerto Octay 316 km
Temuco 604 km
Valdivia 460 km
Villarrica 556 km

Buses Toto Bus


P. Aguirre Cerda 374


Buses Cruz del Sur


P. Aguirre Cerda 52

Queilen Bus Ltda.


Pedro Aguirre Cerda 215 - Queilen


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