Quellón Quellón - Photo: EduardoEpifanio

In 1900, the firm called Destilatorio Quellón started its activities on Chiloé Island, producing acetone, methyl alcohol and coal to supply a market that was growing more and more demanding. As time went by, the local port was built and the industrial plant that gave life to this community whose denizens began to multiply was settled down.

In 1906, the city was legally founded and ever since it has been one of the protagonists on Chiloé. In addition to developing productive and agricultural activities, this destination represents a unique place for tourists.

Lying 86 kilometers away from neighboring Castro, it is the start of the famous Pan-American Highway, which joins South America, through Central America, and North America after crossing eleven countries and over twenty thousand kilometers.

There is no better outing than touring the local waterfront and its attractions, among which the stalls of the river market and the port of Quellón stand out. The seafood gathered in the entire region arrives in this port, widely considered as the best site in the world to taste sea products.

Another great attraction is represented by the ancient churches of Chiloé (several are based in Quellón), an invitation to travel back in time. A motorboat ride around the various islands and channels in the surroundings is another must.

The Amarillo Hot Springs are the ideal destination for those who wish to relax. They are reached after crossing to Chaitén and getting to Lake Yelcho, where the mineralized waters are located. An all day tour in a city that offers everything to make the most demanding travelers stay longer.

Map of Quellón

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