Río Gallegos How to get there

From the north along national route 3 until the crossing with provincial route 5, and from there after 30 km. to the east, you get to Rio Gallegos.

From the south, crossing Paso Internacional Austral from Chile you access to national route 3 and drive 67 km to Río Gallegos.

From the west, if you come from Rio Turbio you must travel 150 km along a debris road in national route 40 .

If you come from El Calafate you must take national route 40, paved until Cerrito, and from there continue along provincial route 5 , also paved, for 280 km.

Distances from Rio Gallegos to:

Buenos Aires 2604 km
Bahia Blanca 2114 km
Bariloche 1667 km
Cte. Piedra Buena 235 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 792 km
El Calafate 306 km
Esquel 1373 km
Gobernador Gregores 436 km
Neuquén 2154 km
Punta Arenas 264 km
Puerto Madryn 1235 km
Puerto Natales 295 km
Porvenir 259 km
Rawson 1192 km
Rio Grande 365 km
Santa Cruz 243 km
Santa Rosa 2231 km
San Julian 354 km
Trelew 1173 km
Ushuaia 601 km
Viedma 1682 km

International Passes

Integración Austral

At 170 metres above sea level, this pass joins Argentina and Chile after 76 km. along national route 3. After crossing the frontier, you must take routes 9 and 255 to get to Punta Arenas.
If your intention is to go first to Porvenir, you must drive 29 km. from the border to the crossroad, where you must turn to the left, and after 17 km. get to Punta Delgada, where you access to the ferry to cross Primera Angostura to Puerto Espora. There you take the route to the south west and after 140 km. you get to Porvenir.

El Greko

Río Gallegos


Don Otto

Río Gallegos


Magallanes Tour

Río Gallegos


Quebek Tour

Río Gallegos


El Pingüino

Río Gallegos

Zapiola 445



Río Gallegos



Río Gallegos

Fagnano 53



Río Gallegos


Sol Líneas Aéreas

Río Gallegos




Río Gallegos

Terminal Ómnibus - Bol. 1 y 7


Bus Sur

Río Gallegos

Terminal de Ómnibus

El Pulgarcito

Río Gallegos

Roca 1074 (Galería MEKOR)


Lan Argentina

Río Gallegos

Aeropuerto Local


Aerolíneas Argentinas

Río Gallegos

San Martín 545


El Pegaso

Río Gallegos

Comodoro Rivadavia 35 Local 3



Río Gallegos

Ruta 3 y E. Peron - L 4


Cruz del Sur

Río Gallegos

Mariano Moreno 157


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