Río Mayo: How to get there

You arrive at Rio Mayo through national route 40 from Esquel or through provincial route 22 from Comodoro Rivadavia.

International Passes

Paso Coihaique

You can cross the Andes through Paso de Coihaique. You must go to Aldea Beleiro along national route 26, running upstream the river Mayo until the pass, at 795 metres above sea level, always along dust and pebble roads.

Paso Triana

Very close to Paso Coihaique, only 20 km from Aldea Beleiro and 37 km from Coihaique, this pass is at a height of 670 metres above sea level, with an average temperature of 20° C in summer and -7° C in winter. It is situated 153 km from Río Mayo along complementary route 55 , and in Chile, along complementariy route 240, 37 km from Coyhaique.

Paso Huemules

You can also cross through Paso Huemules at 502 metres above sea level, distant approximately 150 km along national route 26 and then provincial route 51 and finally provincial route 55 to the pass that joins Balmaceda and Coihaique.

Paso Pampa Alta

At 700 metres above sea level, the average temperature of this pass is 28° C in summer and -20° C in winter. It is 146 km from Río Mayo along provincial route 64 and you access to Chile through route X 25, 88 km from Coyhaique.

Distances from Río Mayo to:

Sarmiento 122 km
Bahia Blanca 1391 km
Buenos Aires 2061 km
Caleta Olivia 300 km
Esquel 480 km
Puerto Madryn 816 km
Puerto Deseado 508 km
Puerto Madryn 651 km
Puerto Santa Cruz 793 km
Rawson 660 km
Río Gallegos 1167 km
Río Grande 1360 km
San Julián 648 km
Santa Rosa 1508 km
Trelew 606 km
Viedma 1020 km
Ushuaia 1948 km

Air Transportation

Río Mayo

Av. Fontana e Yrigoyen

+54 2903-420164

Río Mayo

Av San Martín 520

+54 2903-420088

Land Transportation

Río Mayo

Terminal de Ómnibus

+54 2903-420164

Transporte Emma-Fran
Río Mayo

Sarmiento 617

+54 2903-420466 +54 9 297-4208209

Transporte Quiroga
Río Mayo

Julio Arg. Roca

+54 2903-420444

Travel`s Max
Río Mayo

Fontana s/n

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