Río Turbio How to get there

From Río Gallegos along provincial route 253 and national route 40, you arrive at Rio Turbio, distant some 220 km.

From El Calafate, distant 200 km., along national route 40 , which is partly paved and partly unpaved .

From Chile along route 293 to the passes Dorotea or Casa Viejas , coming from Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas.

International Passes

Paso Dorotea

At 14 km from Rio Turbio , this pass is at a height of 618 metres above sea level. After you pass customs, you access to route CH-250 to Puerto Natales, distant 27 km.

Paso Casas Viejas

At 19 km from Rio Turbio , this pass is at a height of 239 metres above sea level. After passing customs you access to route CH-250 to Puerto Natales distant 14 km from the border.

Paso Cancha Carrera

At 47 km from Rio Turbio to the north, this pass that leads to Puerto Natales through the area of Cerro Castillo is only open in summer, from December to March.

Paso Rio Don Guillermo

Located at 260 metres above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 21° C in summer, and -17º C in winter, this pass is at 51° 15´ 20” south and 71° 13´ 59” west . Situated at 45 km from Rio Turbio and 200 km from the city of Cerro Castillo in Chile, through consolidated pebble routes like complementary "L" and national route 40 , these two cities join to enable the access to Patagonia in both countries.

Distances from Rio Turbio to:

Caleta Olivia 956 km
Com. Piedra Buena 422 km
El Calafate 332 km
Gobernador Gregores 603 km
Los Antiguos 1225 km
Perito Moreno 1151 km
Pico Truncado 934 km
Puerto Deseado 1059 km
Puerto Natales 30 km
Puerto San Julian 617 km
Puerto Santa Cruz 476 km
Punta Arenas 276 km
Porvenir 569 km
Rio Gallegos 264 km
Rio Grande 629 km
San Julian 541 km
Ushuaia 865 km

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