Hotels and accomodation in Portillo

One particular thing about Portillo is its weekly schedule from Saturday to Saturday, which proposes a complete activity plan to only 450 skiers for them to relax and ski until they feel like not skiing any more until the next winter vacations.

By the shores of the Inca Lagoon, El Gran Hotel is the only lodge and the "epicenter" of Portillo. It stands out for its service quality and the dedication of its owner and the whole staff. Wide infrastructure, good gastronomy, funny programs and personalized assistance -an infallible recipe to rest after skiing all day long. Especially, the indoors swimming-pool in the afternoon, followed by restorative massage, and the live music of the pub every night.

Overlooking the valley or the lagoon, it offers very comfortable and large rooms, suites and family apartments, with everything necessary but without a TV set, to break with routine.

If it is hard to get disconnected from work, there are enough computers at the cyber cafe to keep in touch.

The Octógono and the Inca are attached to the main building. They are easily distinguished by their contrasting yellow color. For families or groups, these lodges are provided with shared rooms and all the services and facilities of the hotel.

Hotels and accomodation in Portillo

Chalets Portillo (online travel)

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Octógono (online travel)

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Portillo (Red Hotelera)

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Portillo (Online Travel)

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Inca Lodge (online travel)

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