The best information about the main winter resorts

All the snow in Patagonia

The coming of the winter announces the general opening of ski resorts in Patagonia. The adventure and thrill promised by winter sports may be breathed even in the distant big cities. After the first light snowfalls, lovers of ski and snowboarding begin to wax their boards and think about the best tourist option in this peculiar area of the planet.

Nestled to both sides of the Andes Mountain Range, the ski and winter resorts in Argentina and Chile are well prepared to provide visitors with outstanding services.

Ski resorts in Argentina

Las Leñas, Chapelco, Catedral, Cerro Bayo,Castor and La Hoya, in Argentina, preserve the mysticism that has made them famous and has attracted many followers for decades to repeat the adventure of skiing every winter.

Ski resorts in Chile

The same happens on the other side of the Andes, in the Chilean winter resorts of El Portillo, el Colorado, Valle Nevado and Chillán, which also have a magic of their own when everything is covered in white.

Both the magnificence of sceneries and the modern infrastructures of each site create perfect harmony to enjoy the snow.

In this section, we present all the proposals related to winter sports in the South. Each ski resort listed here includes clear and accurate information about trails, ski and snowboarding schools, rates and lifts, as well as the rental of appropriate clothes and equipment to practice each discipline.

Afterwards, just get your skis adjusted and be ready to challenge the steep slopes of the Andes. This is an invitation by to feel and experience the best snow in our beloved Patagonia.