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The Best Spots for Health and Relax

Miraculous Water

Hot springs or medicinal waters with high mineral content are those which emerge spontaneously from the core of the Earth, or are caught by means of drilling and, as a result of their physical and/or chemical characteristics, may exert therapeutical effects which relieve or restore people's health. These waters have energetic factors such as the powerful ionization, mineralization, radioactivity, gases and PH variations.

The mineralization of these waters is always closely related to the composition of the soil along which they flow or accumulate. In general, they contain fluorine, iron, bromine, boron, iodine, chrome, sodium, phosphorus, arsenic and carbon silicon, to mention some of the most outstanding minerals.

Nowadays, thermal healing is one of the therapeutic systems that has gained most significance.
When a person is exposed to a hot spring bath, they recevie the direct action of temperature as a shock, and the minerals are deposited in the subcutaneous cell tissue, and from there, they exert their action thus activating the organic metabolism through the hypothalamus-suprarenal axis
The thermal secret lies in the rythmical game it provokes, being translated into tension-relax /activity-rest.
The effect of this kind of waters over the body is multiple and complete. Among their healing properties, the following stand out:

They estimulate the defenses of the body.
They purify the blood, thus eliminating toxines and waste products through the swet and the diuresis they cause.
They reactivate the delayed metabolism of many rheumatic patients.
They have an extremely useful unstabilizing power, considering the participation of allergies in rheumatic conditions.
They reeducate the thermoregulating system, of great importance for the rheumatic patient who has lost its capacity to react and to become adapted to changes in the environment.
They have well-known analgesic and painkilling power.
They relax the muscles and for their revulsive and resolvent effects, they act over edemas, tumefactions and fibrous chronic processes.
They sedate the nervous system.
They reconstruct and tone up.
They modify the rheumatic field remarkably.
They have muscle relaxing effect on contractures and neuro-muscular-osteo-articular stiffness, of utmost importance for muscular skeletal reeducation and rehabilitation treatments.

The W.H.O. (World Health Organization) is the entity dependent on the United Nations Organization in charge of the epidemiological study, sanitary plannification and therapeutic assessments of great population groups all round the world, especially in developing countries.
The executive advice given by the W.H.O. has resolved to establish official relationships with the International Federation of Thermalism and Climatism (I.F.T.C.) and has officially admitted the hydrothermomineral treatment valid as such and helpful for multiple conditions.

Thermomineralizing baths act directly over rheumatic, cardiovascular and arterioesclerosis conditions, and metabolic processes in general, muscular system and articulations. They are sedative and relaxing, ideal to fight stress and the current life rhythm.
The patients who are most favored by these thermal healing waters are those who suffer from the following conditions:

Inflammatory chronic rheumatism on its acute stage: positive or negative rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile forms and psoriasic arthritis.
Degenerative chronic rheumatism: various forms of arthrosis in the spine, hip, elbows, knees or hands.
Paraarticular rheumatism: serous cavities, synovial sheaths and tendons.
Non-articular rhematisms: fibrositis, myositis, sciatica neuralgia in various locations.
Metabolic rheumatisms, particularly gout.
Traumatism after-effects, surgical interventions, hemiplegia, distrophia in general.
Chronic conditions of the respiratory system: chronic bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, sinusitis and pharingytis, especially those caused by allergies.
Skin conditions, rebellious to usual therapies, may respond to cures with thermomineral waters: eczemas, pruriginous dermatosis. Remarkable results in the clearing of psoriasis are to be mentioned.

In such cases, it is necessary to specify that for thermal bath therapy to be most effective, it must be experienced during 15 or 20 days.

Useful Recommendations

To make the most of the multiple benefits provided by hot baths, it is necessary to see a thermalist doctor, who will prescribe the convenience or contraindication of a bath programe, the duration of each bath, the amount of immersions and the steady or increasing temperature of the water, according to each person's organic resistance.
Furthermore, a proper diet must be accompany the balneotherapy.

To Take into Account:

These are immersion and progressive baths. They must not take more than 15 minutes, with 10-minute intervals outside the water.

The temperature of the water must not be too high. Have your arterial blood pressure controlled.

Make slow movements under the water.

After each bath, rest in bed under warm blankets or cover yourself with towels and robes.

Do not be exposed to cold temperatures after your bath. Remember that we all have a thermoregulating system and that your body takes a while in becoming adapted to thermo-physiological changes.

For a more beneficial action of hot baths, combine this activity with a quiet life, go for daily walks during the treatment and have a good rest.

Baths are taken preferrably in the morning and, in the afternoon, 4 hours after lunch.

Never forget to rest in bed under warm blankets after each bath.

Bath healing must be progressive. Do not start with baths that are too hot. The slow and progressive therapy has last-longing effects and enables the body to become adapted to biological changes, thus avoiding the so-called “thermal crisis”.

It would be convenient that the stay at a thermal spa took 3 weeks.

Consider that maybe this is a good moment to begin a new lifestyle following a balanced diet. Have a good rest and attend places where cultural and sport activities are practiced.
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