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The Best Spots for Health and Relax

Hot Springs and Spa in patagonia
Hot Springs in patagonia
Patagonia has a great deal of geographical faults with remarkable geothermal and volcanic acitivity. These features explain the existence of various sources with hot spring waters. The diversity existing in this area of South America ranges from warm water issuing from the ground, rich in minerals, to geysers with boiling water.

Since ancient times, the native Mapuches, Tehuelches and Onas would use the hot springs for healing and the relief of multiple conditions.

This activity has led to the creation of a varied infrastructure, especially in the last few years, to enjoy the water flowing from the earth. Hot springs include everything from rustic pools dug up in the soil to modern, elegant and comfortable hot spring resorts and five-star spas.
The hot spring resorts operating in Patagonia are surrounded by a group of natural beauties that make a positive influence in the organic balance and contribute to the feeling of both physical and psychic welfare. These characteristics have turned this region into one of the most popular health tourist destinations.

The application of new methods for the use of hot spring waters and the continuous studies about the quality of mud turn these techniques into an essential instrument for modern medicine. presents these beautiful enclaves, located where bountiful nature has let out these “healing waters” naturally. Discover the location of each of these spots, their characteristics, their properties and the benefits they provide to your body.

The Leyend

A long time ago, among the Mapuche people, there was a chief called Copahue. He is said to have taken part in many wars, but that he fought his greatest battle alone and for love.
One day, he heard that Pirepillán, the snow fairy, was captive on the top of the Domuyo Volcano and a fierce tiger and a monstrous two-headed condor would not let anybody approach her. Copahue said goodbye to his men at the foot of the Domuyo and began to go up alone. Once near the summit, he saw the yearned glow breaking out from a crack, but a red cougar -huge and furious- pounced on him. One hit of his spear threw the animal downhill.
-You've come at last, Copahue- said Pirepillán holding his hand. Copahue leaned down to hold her, but a condor attacked them with awful pecks. Then Copahue picked up his small knife and with two blows, he cut off the bird's head, which fell down dead to his feet.
Copahue led Pirepillán to his people and they lived as man and wife for many years. But his people never accepted the foreigner, the daughter of the mountain who had taken the chief away from his people and returned him without any yearn for glory, without the mood for war. When the Chillimapus defeated them and killed Copahue in a battle, the hatred against Pirepillán was unleashed. One night, they went for her at her tepee and pushed her to the end of the valley. Condemned to die, Pirepillán called the deadman who had once saved her with all her strength:
- Copaaaahueeeeee!
The scream seemed to make the Mapuches even more furious, who hurried to knock her down and made the snow fairy's transparent blood spring out. And in the very spot where she died, at the foot of the mount, her melted body continued to flow down converted into healing water.

Fragments from Leyendas de la Patagonia (Legends from Patagonia), Julia Saltzmann.
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