Fjord of the Mountains

Puerto Natales is the obligatory step to explore the fjord of the Mountains and its wonderful glaciers. After sailing, a walk through the valley of ice.

At the foot of the Sarmiento mountain range, the Fjord of the Mountains is the navigation channel to approach the Bernal, Kiara and Alsina glaciers, within the Kawesqar National Park. Although access is difficult, spaces with tourism potential linked to nature are gradually taking a place in the expeditions, with the special care of the Patagonian ecosystems, unique in the world.

Road to the glaciers
The millenary ice formed the shapes of the fjords and canals of the archipelago, which includes kilometers of little known ecosystems and oceanographic heterogeneity. The first inhabitants of the Magellan fjords were the Kawesqar, a town of canoe culture.

From the commune of Natales is accessed only by sea. The large cliffs, glaciers, lakes and sea canals give a valuable and spectacular character to the expeditions, which include ecotourism, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, crossing and sailing.

  • Condor viewpoint

    Condor viewpoint

  • Bernal glacier

    Bernal glacier

  • Fjord of the Mountains

    Fjord of the Mountains

  • Estancia Mercedes

    Estancia Mercedes

  • Alsina glacier

    Alsina glacier

  • Condor viewpoint

    Condor viewpoint

  • Bernal glacier

    Bernal glacier

From the Sarmiento mountain range come the five glaciers that make up the physiognomy of the Mountain Fjord. A guided circuit leads along the Alacalufes trail to the first glacier, the Bernal, after sailing the Resi Fjord. This glacier is in its terminal phase, abandoning its eternal domains and exposing its colorful moraines as a path.

The next day, it is the turn of the Kiara and Alsina glaciers. Between ice block rumbles, exploration walks, cypress forests, coihues and canelos, cliffs and rock walls, sandy bays and sea grottos, the tour shows the two glaciers in postcards of great beauty.

Birdlife is the most abundant. Among the most common terrestrial birds are picaflor, rayadito and churrín. Among seabirds, the black-brow albatross, sea swallows and cormorants. Mammals are few and few, some of which are the huemul and the red fox. Among the sailors, the southern dolphin that sails between the fjords stands out.

From Puerto Natales, Patagonian Fjords organizes a 2-day expedition to discover the beauty of the Mountain Fjord, sailing the canals and enjoying the hikes, overnight in the floating shelter. Includes meals, local guide, team support service between Resi and the shelter. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing and experience in intensive walking.

The project contributes to the sustainable development of the town of Puerto Eden, a remote community located in the Gulf of Penas, home of the Kawesqar people.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Patagonian Fjords

Puerto Natales (6160000) Puerto Natales, XII Región, Chile

Cel: +56 89396235

Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Medium - People with trekking experience

DurationDuration: 2 days

Recommendations Elements required for this expedition:
A daypack backpack (60 liters).
Front lamp, fleece cap, sunglasses and gloves.
Quick-drying telgs, fleece coat, feather jacket and waterproof parka of GoreTex technology or similar.
Fast-drying long underwear, trekking pants and waterproof pants of GoreTex technology or similar.
Waterproof boots with GoreTex technology or similar, sandals or crocs to cross rivers and rest after walking.
There is no phone coverage in the entire area, so you´ll be offline throughout the expedition.

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