Trelew How to get there

From Buenos Aires you take national route 3, fully paved, until the junction near Rawson with national route 25, where you must drive for a short sector until Trelew. Do not forget that there are 1451 km between Bs. As. and Trelew.

From Puerto Madryn there are almost 67 km along national route Nº 3 until the junction with national route Nº 25, and after a short drive you get to Trelew.

From Rawson, the capital of the province of Chubut, there are 17 km toTrelew along national route 25, fully paved.

From Comodoro Rivadavia there are almost 367 km to Trelew. You must take national route 3, fully paved, until the junction with national route 25 to Trelew.

Distances from Trelew to:

Bahia Blanca 722 km
Bariloche 860 km
Buenos Aires 1436 km
Bosque petrificado Ameghino 96 km
Caleta Valdes 240 km
Camarones 250 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 374 km
Dique Florentino Ameghino 120 km
El Bolsón 750 km
El Calafate 1326 km
Esquel 609 km
Lago Argentino 1220 km
Lago La Plata / Fontana 753 km
La Hoya 760 km
Las Grutas 350 km
Neuquén 830 km
Parque Nac. Los Alerces 644 km
Parque Nac. Lago Puelo 805 km
Playa Unión 25 km
Puerto Madryn 67 km
Puerto Piramide 171 km
Punta Norte 246 km
Punta Tombo 110 km
Rada Tilly 398 km
Rawson 20 km
Río Gallegos 1200 km
Río Grande 1519 km
San Antonio Oeste 330 km
Santa Cruz 955 km
Sarmiento 536 km
Viedma 509 km
Ushuaia 1800 km

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