Trevelin How to get there

From Esquel there are 26 km to Trevelin along the route that leads to Chile and the little village of Futaleufu through Paso de Futaleufu.

Distances from Trevelin to:

Bariloche (Ruta 40) 336 Km
Buenos Aires (via Bariloche) 1.886 Km
Buenos Aires(via Trelew) 2.086 Km
Buenos Aires 2004 Km
Comandante Piedra Buena (Ruta 40) 1.051 Km
Comodoro Rivadavia (Ruta 40 y 26) 618 km
Dique Ameghino (Ruta 25) 502 Km
El Bolsón (Ruta 40) 206 Km
El Bolsón (Ruta 259 y 71) 208 Km
El Calafate 1250 km
Gaiman (Ruta 25) 566 Km
Gobernador Gregores (Ruta 40) 810 Km
Neuquén (via S.C. de Bariloche) 757 Km
Perito Moreno (Ruta 40) 474 Km
Puerto Madryn 648 Km
Rawson 596 Km
Río Grande 1689 km
Rio Mayo (Ruta 40) 374 Km
Rio Gallegos (Ruta 40) 1.546 Km
Santa Cruz 1097 km
Sarmiento (Ruta 40 y 26) 466 Km
Trelew 580Km
Ushuaia (Ruta 40-20 y 3) 1.922 Km
Viedma 1068 km

International Passes

Paso de Futaleufu

This pass is not very much used, since it drives to the little village of Futaleufú, now accessible through the Carretera Austral . Notwithstanding, it is a very peculiar and beautifull drive across the forests, where you will have to fulfill the same requirements as in all other passes across the Andes.



Av. Patagonia 186

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