Villarrica: How to get there

Coming from Argentina through Paso Tromen you access to Villarica via Pucón and Curarrehue along route 3 from the border.

Both from the north or the south of Chile, you can access along the Ruta Panamericana and from Freire or Loncoche you take a secondary route to Villarrica.

Distances from Villarrica to:

Ancud 405 km
Castro 490 km
Coihaique 949 km
Cochrane 1267 km
Chaiten 509 km
Chile Chico 1321 km
Frutillar 267 km
Junín de los Andes 177 km
Osorno 202 km
Panguipulli 101 km
Punta Arenas 2379 km
Puerto Aysen 908 km
Puerto Ibañez 1031 km
Puerto Natales 657 km
Puerto Montt 315 km
Puerto Octay 253 km
Puerto Porvenir 504 km
Puerto Varas 288 km
Quellon 556 km
San Martin de los Andes 217 km
Santiago de Chile 764 km
Temuco 87 km
Valdivia 120 km

International Passes

Paso Mamuil Malal or Tromen

It goes to the city of Junín de los Andes in Argentina through a debris road across beautiful araucaria forests in Chile, and after pasing customs you access to the arid part of Patagonia in Argentina.
You must remember that you cannot pass any kind of fresh fruit or food.

Land Transportation

Buses Cóndor-Bus

Pedro de Valdivia 629


Buses Igi-Llaima

Pedro de Valdivia 621


Buses Inter-Sur

Anfión Muñoz 657


Buses jac

Francisco Bilbao 610


Buses Lit

Anfión Muñoz 640


Buses Nar-Bus

Pedro de Valdivia 621


Buses Power

Pedro de Valdivia 621


Buses Regional Villarrica

Vicente Reyes 319


Buses Rurales

Vicente Reyes / M. Matta

Buses San Martín

Anfión Muñoz 604


Buses Tur-Bus

Anfión Muñoz 657