Zapala How to get there

From Neuquén, Bahía Blanca and Buenos Aires, all on the east, along national route Nº 22.

From Temuco in Chile, along national route Nº 40 from Mendoza.

From San Martín de los Andes, Junín de los Andes and Bariloche on the south, along routes 234 and 40.

By train:

The international train "Ferrocarril Trasandino" , that will join Zapala and Lonquimay in Chile along 190 km. , will allow to get to the Pacific Ocean.

Distances from Zapala to :

Aluminé 135 km
Bahia Blanca 750 km
Bariloche 235 km
Buenos Aires 1340 km
Caviahue- Copahue 150 km
Junin de los Andes 215 km
Neuquén 184 km
Paso Icalma 98 km
Paso Mamuil Malal 235 km
Paso Pino Hachado 95 km
Puerto Montt 531 km
Pucón 139 km

Temuco ( via Icalma ) 270 km
Temuco (via Pino Hachado ) 210 km
Temuco (via Mamuil Malal ) 423 km
San Martin de los Andes 243 km
Santa Rosa 753 km
Villarrica 153 km

International Passes

Paso Mamuil Malal or Tromen

Leaving from Zapala you arrive at Junín de los Andes (Argentina) , which joins to Pucón (Chile) along a debris and dust road where you must pass Gendarmeria (frontier guard) and Aduana (customs) in Argentina and Aduana in Puesco , Chile . The road is surrounded by araucaria forests, and right on the border you can stop to rest and admire the big Christ between both customs. This is an ideal spot to stop for a snack.
Paso Mamuil Malal via Curarrehue 118 km .

Paso Pino Hachado

Leaving from Zapala to Aluminé, and from there along provincial route 13 to the west, in km 15 you take provincial route 23 to the east until km 19 , from where you continue parallel to the river Litrán among araucaria trees and good places to camp. After that you will pass through a very eroded area until km. 55 where you must lower the speed since the road is very deteriorated and there are numerous seasonal water courses.

Paso Aluminé-Icalma

Leaving from Zapala and arriving at Aluminé, you take route Nº 23 and then Nº 13 and you arrive at Paso Internacional de Icalma, in the area of the "Comisión de Fomento de Villa Pehuenia".
Along the way, you will see numerous araucaria trees that will undoubtedly call your attention for their height and their old bark.
Shortly after Aluminé you can stop at the sanctuary of Ceferino Namuncurá, whose image is in a cave in the mountain together with some offerings.
From Aluminé to the border there are near 50 km., and only some kilometres farther from Aluminé, you will find the cave, and then arrive at Villa Pehuenia while travelling along the coast of lake Aluminé.
The little summer village of Villa Pehuenia has been formed in these last years and is growing as a relaxation and recreation spot.
Almost next to Villa Pehuenia is customs and the frontier guards post. This pass drives to the cities of Melipueco, Cunco, Lonquimay, and the main commercial centre, Temuco, distant approximately 135 km. from the border.
The facilities of Carabineros, the Chilean frontier guards, are at the beginning of the araucaria forests when you access to Chile, and after some metres, the wonderful Laguna de Icalma and big valleys coverded by Valdivian rainforest.
The height of the pass is 1269 metres above sea level. It is open all year, except on special occasions under adverse weather conditions.
Timetable: from 08:00 hs. to 20:00 hs. in summer.

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