Great Valley

Part of the Argentinian Provinces of La Pampa, Neuquén and Río Negro make up this corridor, which presents various landscapes: from the wild dryness of the steppe, with its xerophilous and sparse vegetation, to the strong green of the cultivated fields.

Located in the middle of the vast Patagonian plateau, the so-called High Valley emerges like a productive oasis, crossed by the Limay, Neuquén, Negro and Colorado Rivers. The enterprising action of man has known well how to take advantage of its natural resources, turning it into the first producer of apples in the country and enabling it to obtain excellent quality fruit, very much coveted in the world market. All this, in addition to the production of other important crops, such as pear, peach and vegetables, contributes to the settlement of several facilities for the production and export of juice, jams, cider and canned products, among others.

There are countless farms with intensive regional crops that may me visited by tourists, who may appreciate the dazzling show of colors offered by the plantations along the four seasons.

It is possible to see the admirable history of this area through the numerous monuments, museums and historical buildings that reflect the effort and the progress of its settlers. The City of Neuquén is the strategic center of this region.

The area, which possesses an active cultural and social life, also offers the possibility to enjoy, in the summer, several seaside resorts located on its rivers. On the other hand, it provides various entertaining and sports alternatives, among which hunting and fishing stand out.

Great Valley corridor cities


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