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Deluxe Glaciers

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Navigation around the Glaciers

This is a wonderful way to see the glaciers, on board a luxury cruise. Mar Patag, a new way to get close to the ice giants.

For quite a long time, a great barrier of icebergs has prevented anyone from getting close to the main wall of the Upsala Glacier. However, this has not jeopardized the interest of tourists in getting there.

On board a cruise, we approached this new barrier of icebergs and beheld their particular beauty as we appreciated the vastness of the Upsala Glacier. It was a breathtaking experience to see the ice floes floating adrift, as well as the immensity of the Spegazzini Glacier.

This new proposal to enjoy a real natural environment has already become a classic: a very tempting idea to go on a short crossing around the glaciers on board a cruise.
Navigation around the Glaciers
The tour left at 9 in the morning from Puerto Bandera and it was organized by Mar Patag, a company run by three expert sailors from Chubut. One of them, Héctor "Tiño" Resnik, is the captain of the “Leal”, a boat that waits at the pier in silence. Along with the crew, Tiño welcomed all passengers on board and we all soon made ourselves comfortable on the springy sofas neatly arranged around the wood-burning stove.

The cruise has all the necessary amenities to pamper guests: a spacious and comfortable main cabin, a bar, a library, a dining-room, board games and seven double cabins with bunk beds, private bathroom and a view of the outside. The music and a friendly atmosphere give spirit to the pleasant dinner served by Javier, one of the sailors.

After the delicious breakfast, everyone got ready to watch the glaciers. The blue icebergs wandering adrift on the cold waters anticipated the proximity of the Upsala Glacier, unreachable at present but admirable from a short distance.

Photographic cameras and camcorders managed to capture truly impressive images and we all tried to retain so much beauty somehow.

After stopping at the ice walls for a long while, the boat got close to the shore so that we could observe a cascade and occasionally grab a piece of ice that would later turn into a sculpture carved by the passengers.
Navigation around the Glaciers
Towards the Spegazzini

We took the Spegazzini Channel as we continued crossing Lake Argentino, but this time towards the south.

Without any haste, the boat moved along up to the Spegazzini Glacier. In the afternoon, we enjoyed this gelid monument at Los Glaciares National Park, one of the most beautiful in the entire country.

The height of the walls of this magnificent glacier range between 80 and 135 meters and they confirm that all glaciers are different as well as surprising. Illuminated by the last sun beams, the Spegazzini Glacier gained a fantastic hue that astonished us all.
Navigation around the Glaciers
Finally, it was Puesto Vacas where we landed. The guides helped visitors share a nice walk as a reward for the intense navigation.

During this walk, it is possible to appreciate real panoramic postcards of the Spegazzini Glacier and its surroundings. The sunset was the moment that invited us to start our way back.

Thus, we followed the northern arm of Lake Argentino and sailed towards the private port called La Soledad (Solitude), at Quiet Bay, Punta Bandera, where the tour ended but, luckily for us all, an unconditional kind of love for the ancient glaciers sprang in our hearts.

A love to which we will certainly return one day….
Navigation around the Glaciers
Useful Data
This tour is available from August thru April. The company provides a roundtrip shuttle from the City of El Calafate.
Cruceros Mar Patag
(9405) El Calafate - Santa Cruz - Argentina
Tel: +54 49-2118 / (11) 4312-4427   
Rates and fees must be requested from each operator.
Interpatagonia does not provide this kind of information.
Inter Patagonia

Level of Difficulty
2 days.
Tour Kind
lake tour.
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