Colonia 25 de Mayo: How to get there

From Santa Rosa in the province of La Pampa along the route through the wilderness, you arrive just to the limit with the province of Río Negro, where you will find 25 de Mayo.

Distances from 25 de Mayo to:

Aluminé 478 km
Bahía Blanca 702 km
Bariloche 572 km
Cipolletti 151 km
General Roca 199 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 1204 km
Cutral Có 265 km
Junín de los Andes 484 km
Paso Icalma 453 km
Paso Mamuil Malal 591km
Paso Pino Hachado 451 km
Piedra del Águila 387km
Plaza Huincul 262 km
Puerto Montt 887 km
Pucón 496 km
Neuquén 151 km
Santa Rosa 402 km
San Martín de los Andes 588 km
Temuco (via Icalma) 560 km
Temuco (viaPino Hachado) 670 km
Temuco (viaMamuil Malal ) 779 km
Villa La Angostura 633km
Villa Pehuenia 448 km
Villa Traful 558 km
Villarrica 509 km

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