Cerro Castillo

Cerro CastilloCerro Castillo - Photo: Jorge González

Villa Cerro Castillo is the closest city to Cerro Castillo National Reserve, located in the XI Region of Aysén, 64 kilometers south of the City of Coyhaique and a few kilometers away from Puerto Ibáñez

Created in 1970, this small community is crossed by the eye-catching Southern Road and separates the hydrographic basins of the Aysén and Ibáñez Rivers, sites of singular beauty which summon several generations of Chileans and tourists arriving from many corners of Argentina during the summer season.

Its natural attractions include Lake Chiguay and the famous mount known as Cerro Castillo, which boasts a height of 2,675 meters and the most spectacular views of the area.

Cerro Castillo National Reserve is part of the few sanctuaries in the Region of Aysén where the huemul is under protection. This deer is native of Chile and has been named as “national animal”.

The woods and trails are perfect to enjoy with the family or go hiking in large groups. The local flora made up by lengas and calafates, both of them native species, stands out.

Another interesting point is the national monument known as Manos de Cerro Castillo (Cerro Castillo Hands), approximately located 3.5 kilometers from Villa Cerro Castillo. This is a wall of rock on which paintings have been made by the first nations.

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