Chile Chico / Lago G. Carrera How to get there

From the north (Coihaique) or from the south (Cochrane) along route 7 you can get to Chile Chico or Puerto Ibañez, if you take the secondary routes around Lake Gral Carrera.
Both cities are very close to the Argentine border.

From Argentina , leaving from Perito Moreno to Los Antiguos along the south coast of Lake Buenos Aires you can cross the border and immediately get to Chile Chico .

From Argentina, you leave from Perito Moreno along the north coast of Lake Buenos Aires and cross the border to get after some scarse kilometres to Pto. Ing. Ibañez.

Distances from Chile Chico to:

Ancud 1104 km
Castro 542 km
Chaiten 812 km
Cochrane 190 km
Coihaique 395 km
Chaiten 822km
El Maiten 125 km
Frutillar 1058 km
Llanquihue 1039 km
Osorno 1117 km
Panguipulli 1264 km
Pucon 1347 km
Punta Arenas 642 km
Puerto Aysen 458 km
Puerto Ibañez 347 km
Puerto Montt 1016 km
Puerto Natales 785 km
Puerto Octay 1081 km
Puerto Porvenir 632 km
Puerto Varas 1032 km
Quellon 1267 km
San Martin de los Andes 1351 km
Santiago de Chile 1777 km
Temuco 1370 km
Valdivia 1225 km
Villarrica 1321 km

Distances from Puerto Ibañez to:

Ancud 815 km
Cochrane 287 km
Coihaique 129 km
Chaiten 508 km
Chile Chico 347 km
Frutillar 768 km
Llanquihue 749 km
Osorno 827 km
Panguipulli 974 km
Pucon 1057 km
Puerto Aysen 196 km
Puerto Montt 726 km
Puerto Natales 495 km
Puerto Octay 791km
Puerto Porvenir 342 km
Puerto Varas 742 km
Punta Arenas 352 km
Quellon 977 km
Temuco 1080
Valdivia 935 km
Villarrica 1031 km

International Passes

Paso Roballos

Leaving from the city of Chile Chico to the west along the coast of lake Gral Carreras to route 7, you must turn south and then again east and drive 95 km to Customs and Carabineros to cross the pass situated at 4.500 metres above sea level and then drive on for another 90 km until national route 40 in Argentina that leads north to Perito Moreno after 118 km .
The average temperatures in the pass are: in summer 4/25° C and in winter -0/-25° C .

Paso Chile Chico or Rio Jeinemeni

Leaving from the city of Chile Chico you find Customs and Carabineros only 3 km to the east. The pass is 225 metres above sea level. Then you continue along the coast of Lake Buenos Aires to Perito Moreno distant 74 km .
The average temperatures in the pass are: in summer : 4/30° C and in winter: -2/-10° C , and the routes in Argentina are: provincial route l 43 (paved), and provincial route 41 (pebble)

Pass from Puerto Ibañez

Along secondary road X 65 you get to the pass at 280 metres above sea level, with an average temperature in summer of 4/25° C and in winter of -5/-15° C. It is 22 Km far from Pto Ibañez. There are 95 km. to Perito Moreno in Argentina along provincial routes 72 and 45, both pebble roads.

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