Gobernador Gregores History and Legends


Gobernador Gregores is at the core of the province of Santa Cruz, 280 m. above sea level, and is head of the district of Río Chico.
The town was created in March 1922 by the Austrian José Kuney Posne, where Manzana 36 is today, on the northern side of the river Chico. He survived the executions in 1921, and settled his blacksmith forge near the river, and his house was the first one built in the spot. It was made of wood and the roof was made of metal sheet from 20 litres fuel barrels, commercialized in the area at that time.
Some time later, when Mr. José Kuney confirmed that he would not be displaced by the owner of the land, some salesmen settle, like Mariano Pejkovic, Francisco Salinas, and José Chalub, among others.
On 2nd January 1925, the government of the National Territory gave the name of Cañadón León to the village, denomination chosen by the settlers due to the proximity to the ravine where many American pumas lived.
The urban sector was established later by decree of the year 1938, with a surface of 1000 has., where the first measurement was carried out.
During the same year the first neighbours commission was formed, and the first president was Mr. Luis Sanchez.
In 1958, at request of the neighbours, the general interventor of the province of Santa Cruz, Dr. Pedro Luis Priani, established the present denomination of Gobernador Gregores in memory of Corvette Lieutenant Juan Manuel Gregores, who was governor of the province, being the commemoration date the 23rd March.

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