Gobernador Gregores

Gobernador Gregores Gobernador Gregores - Photo: Jorge González

Located in the Province of Santa Cruz, just 85 kilometers away from Lake Cardiel, the City of Gobernador Gregores is widely considered as the ideal site to enjoy rural and estancia tourism.

Various estancias, many of them historic, have started opening their gates to lodge visitors and let them enjoy rural activities. Horseback riding, fishing outings and hiking tours around the various natural trails show them around the beauties of the scenery and may be hired even at travel agencies.

Lake Cardiel is one of the largest water bodies in the Patagonian region and many experts assert that it features the largest number of trout and salmon specimens. Therefore, it is one of the most popular environments among both local and foreign anglers.

Most denizens of Gobernador Gregores have bet on agricultural tourism and non-conventional produce among which regional jam, cheese and sausages stand out. Their flavor gives evidence of the work and feelings of Argentinian Patagonia. Tulips, for instance, have become a classic from this town.

As a result of all these characteristics and the role the Province of Santa Cruz has in the country today, Gobernador Gregores is one of the districts that have experienced significant growth as a destination for the entire family in the last few years.

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