Lago Ranco

Lago Ranco Lago Ranco

Lago Ranco is a district featuring extreme beauty inside the Province of Ranco, within what is known as the Region of the Rivers. This small village has been named after its lake, whose name comes from the local native tongue and stands for “water with waves”.

It was declared an independent community on February 14, 1941, when the administration of Pedro Aguirre Cerda acknowledged the advance of the village of Lago Ranco, which besides its infrastructure already had a steady population. From that moment onwards, the growth of the urban settlement as well as the cultural development of its denizens, whose activities blossomed in conjunction with the prodigious natural environment they chose as a place of residence, became intensified.

The community boasts countless waterways that belong to the mountain range zone. However, it is also fed by other water bodies, including Lakes Maihue and Huishue, in addition to the Riñinahue River, whose source lies close to the Andes, next to the boundaries of Puyehue National Park.

Due to the wide array of salmon and trout available, angling is one of the main attractions in the area. Likewise, hiking and trekking are becoming more and more popular, just like other adventure activities that lure different generations.

For all these reasons, Lago Ranco is the perfect place to enjoy vacations with the family and with friends, immersed in incredible natural surroundings that captivate visitors at first sight.

Map of Lago Ranco

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