Neuquén How to get there

From Bahia Blanca along national route 22 after 544 km across the Alto Valle del Rio Negro you arrive at the capital of the province of Neuquén crossing the bridge over the river Neuquén.

From Santa Rosa along the route of the dessert crossing Catriel and 25 de mayo, after 522 km. you arrive at Confluencia and from there crossing the bridge over the river to the capital of the province.
From San Carlos de Bariloche along route 237 passing by Piedra del Aguila and El Chocón you arrive at Neuquén after 443 km.

Distances from Neuquén to:

Aluminé 322 km
Bahia Blanca 566 km
Bariloche 416 km
Buenos Aires 1156 km
25 de mayo 151 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 1209 km
Cutral Có 109 km
El Chocón 90 km
Junin de los Andes 328 km
Paso Icalma 298 km
Paso Mamuil Malal 435 km
Paso Pino Hachado 295 km
Piedra del Aguila 231 km
Plaza Huincul 106 km
Puerto Montt 731 km
Pucón 339 km
Rawson 813 km
Rio Gallegos 2154 km
Santa Rosa 553 km
San Martín de los Andes 432 km
Temuco (via Icalma) 444 km
Temuco (viaPino Hachado) 510 km
Temuco (viaMamuil Malal ) 623 km

Villa La Angostura 477 km
Villa Pehuenia 292 km
Villa Traful 402 km
Villarrica 353 km
Usuahia 2932 km
Viedma 557 km
Zapala 189 km

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